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Why would I want or need a Health Coach?

What is it that every successful athlete, musician, business person, or Olympian has in common? “They all have coaches and/or mentors.” It’s a pretty much proven fact every successful athlete, actor, and successful business person has had a mentor, or a coach to assist them in staying focused on certain aspects of their life, that they had selected for improvement.

When seeking improvement in your life and using the same thinking that got you to that place in the first place, will basically keep you in that space. A coach can be there for you when the stinking thinking starts to happen. When you get a thought in your mind that rolls round and round and round and there are no new answers or solutions coming to mind, a coach can bring clarification and help define new beliefs and bring the Habits of Healthy living back into focus.

A Health Coach can assist in bringing light, awareness, and new thoughts to a situation. Coaches help you keep the main thing the main thing. A Coach brings the focus back to what you have said is important to you.

A Health Coach can many times impart new knowledge or wisdom, which in turn allows a client to change beliefs. Coaches pick up on the small things that get missed while someone is dealing with all the other issues in their lives.

A Health Coach can help with developing the willingness it takes to help you start and continue your journey. Health coaching goes beyond the weight loss phase.

When a person comes to a detour, a new life event, it’s nice to have a second opinion as to which path to take. A Health coach will not only focus on the physical aspect of health but also on the mental health, spiritual health, and financial health so people can afford what they need to do.

A Health Coach can direct you towards Pre-Hab (preventing dysfunction) and possibly prevent Re-Hab (rehabilitation after the occurrence of an undesirable event)

Health Coaches keep you on the path, so you can continue your journey, not allowing detours (excuses, reasons) to sidetrack you from your goal.

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What does a Health Coach do for their clients?

As a Health Coach I guide individuals towards a path of Optimal Health that brings with it balance, Health and Vitality, which in turn creates Peace, Joy and Serenity in one’s life.
I provide the potential for an individual to enjoy joy, peace, health, vitality and serenity that living a life of optimal health brings to one’s life.

I assist individuals in developing an understanding of the devastating effects that being overweight or obese brings with it.
I help develop awareness of the subtle disastrous, devastating effects that overweightness and obesity bring with it.

It is never my intent to shame anyone!
It is never my intent to blame anyone!
It is never my intent to lessen anyone’s value!
It is always my intent to emphasize and help them become responsible, and not to sympathize, allowing them to fall back into their excuses.

My job as a health coach is to:
1. Bring awareness to the ill health and disease associated with being overweight or obese.
2. My job is to assist individuals in attaining (Empowering beliefs) – otherwise known as “Habits of Health”
3. Part of my job is to assist individuals in maintaining vigilance – holding their feet to the fire, offering guidance, when they detour down the wrong path.
4. I help individuals establish truths congruent with what they say they desire. I help them align their thoughts and actions

I assist people in recognizing their reasons, justifications, excuses, old beliefs, and lies that keep them trapped in their existing situations.
With awareness of truths and facts individuals become more vigilant and can, should they desire, start taking responsibility for their choices.
With that vigilance, comes congruency! Aligning thoughts and actions, walking their talk, establishes a disciplined life.

I provide new definitions, justifications and allow them to be in charge of their lives. Becoming aware that every choice will have consequences which follow.

I show them that what they define as good stuff may not be. Sugars, cake, cookies, candies and sodas, those things which we have taught, because of rewards as children, to be good (really bad stuff) actually causes us to sacrifice health and vitality (the real good stuff).

I identify why they should give up the so called good stuff and what they are sacrificing (the real good stuff)(Health and Vitality) if they don’t.

Setting a goal that is truly unattainable: “Optimal Health“ which is a point that you will never reach, as a destination. It is a never-ending journey that gets better every year, so enjoy the journey.

A major contributor to overweightness and obesity is: poor eating habits NOT poor exercise habits.
You may be out of shape because of lack of exercise or activity – but that does not create the being overweight.

You are overweight because of what you eat and how much you eat.
I have never seen a picture of a Holocaust survivor, who was overweight.

What overweightness and obesity brings with it:

1. A chemical modification of the DNA and RNA strands changing the overall operation of the body. This is what happens when we develop insulin resistance or type two diabetes.

2. The adipose layer, or the fat layer provides a safe haven for the storage of toxins.

3. Being overweight creates systemic inflammation, setting up for a waste of energy utilized in the body and not having the energy available to support the immune system. This is what creates the environment that leads to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other serious immune responses.

4. Being overweight contributes to poor posture, which in turn contributes to digestive (IBS), urinary and other conditions having to do with the gut. Poor posture also contributes to joint and back issues.

5. Being overweight is tied directly to Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Disrupting the sleep cycle , which continues the depletion of energy, which could and should be used for health and vitality.

6. Being overweight or obese leads to being unable to exercise and/or joining the grandkids in the joyful activities on the floor.

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How much does it cost?

How much will your coaching cost me?

All coaching is done free of charge!

When a person decides to go on the Meal Replacement Program, I am paid a commission on your order.

I am more than happy to answer any questions, of which I am aware of the answer or solution.

I teach general principles (Healthy Habits) and then expect individuals to take responsibility for their own shopping and cooking.

How much will the Meal Replacement Program (MRP) cost me?

It will vary greatly, depending on which program you decide is best for you.

3 & 3 would consist of 3 fuelings with MRP’s and 3 regular meals (we call them Lean and Green)

4 & 2 would consist of 4 fuelings with MRP’s and 2 Lean and Green

For those desiring to release a lot of weight in the least amount of time:
The 5 & 1 is recommended.
5 fuelings with MRP, and 1 lean and green per day.

Meals come 7 Fuelings to a box
Optavia Fuelings are $22.95 per box -- $3.29 per fueling
Enhanced Medifast fuelings are $20.95 per box -- $3.00 per fueling
Medifast fuelings are $18.95 per box -- $2.71 per fueling

All of the Meal Replacements are consistent:
Calories between 90 and 110
Carbohydrates around 16 per meal
Protein around 13 per meal
Fiber around 4 grams per meal
20 % of your daily vitamins and minerals in each fueling.

Basing the cost on the 5 and 1 plan:
30 days in a month, times 5 fuelings per day would equal 150 fuelings.
7 fuelings per box (150 divided by 7) = 21.5 boxes to cover a month.
(22 times $22.95) = $504.90 (504 divided by 4) = $126.25 per week

Keep in mind that your regular grocery bill will be reduced by some amount. You won’t be eating out, drinking smoothies, no Starbucks or Fast foods.

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Could I become a Health Coach myself?

First of all, it is extremely easy and simple to get started.
By joining Optavia and agreeing to adhere to their standards you will be given the title Health Coach. The cost of joining is $199.
You do not need to be a Nutritionist, or have that training to become a Health Coach.

What’s Expected Of you: / The standards:
Teach healthy eating habits:
Basically promoting Optavia’s: 5 and 1, or 4 and 2, or their 3 and 3 eating plans.
Teach the healthy habit of motion: defined as the six S’s.
Stance, Standing, Samba, Striding, Stairs, and Switch.
Teach the habits of healthy sleep.
Teach the habits of a healthy mind.
Teach the body the habits of maintaining a healthy body.

Optavia promotes what they call the Trilogy:
Healthy Body / Healthy Mind / Healthy Finances. I add in a Healthy Spiritual Program

Read two books:
Discover Your Optimal Health
Dr. A’s Habits of Health
And complete a work book – Living a Longer Healthier Life.
To become a Certified Health Coach it is another $199 and you must pass a certification test. The answers are in the above literature. This will increase your commission by 3%.

You get to determine how fast, or how slow, or how much, your involvement is.
The company does not follow up to check and see how you’re doing. It’s your business and you can run it how you see fit.

You get to choose whether you work sometime, part time or full time.

You will automatically get paid 15% commission on any products the clients you are coaching order. There are ways of increasing the commission up to 31%.

To sign up, go to:
Click on: Join Us
Scroll down and click on the box to Accept the Terms and Conditions
Then Add to Cart (the Optavia Business Kit)

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