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Weight Loss made EASY!

Effective – Attainable – Sustainable and YEP-ABLE

YEP! Losing Weight can be done easily, it is easy to do, without any complicated diets.

There is one problem however, that being; Losing Weight is easy NOT to do.

Losing weight is not difficult nor is it complicated, as long as a standard protocol is followed. The system we use has been proven effective over a 20 year period. Proven balanced nutritional meals eaten every 2 1/2 to 3 hours are used to maintain health, energy and stamina over the entire weight loss phase.

Weight loss can happen in two ways. The first via a planned healthy process (mapped out nutrition) and the second would involve proceeding in an unhealthy way (starving yourself, becoming ill, etc).

To lose weight and maintain Optimal Health (the healthy way), you must maintain a balanced nutritional program, while in the weight loss phase. You must honor the bodies’ energy needs and possibly cut back on an intensive exercise program, if you have one in place.

Some programs will guarantee that you’ll lose weight, however, starving yourself on a low calorie program is not a pleasant or healthy way to ensure longevity or your health. (Optifast by Kaiser) One way of ensuring weight loss is to reduce your daily calorie intake to 1000 calories or less. However, you might possibly lose muscle mass as well as fat on such a diet.

Optifast also adds an additional amount of exercise* while decreasing energy/calorie input, which is insane. Lowering calories means lowing energy, which means take it easy, don’t overstress the body.

If you want to lose weight, do it in a way that maintains health and provides increased energy. Use the fat stores in your body and they will provide all the energy you require. You will have to develop an eating regimen that will allow you to tap into those fat stores. (The Fat Burning Zone)

One pound of fat equals 3500 calories, 10 pounds equals 35,000 calories and if you are 100 pounds overweight you have 350,000 calories to use up. Think of what you could accomplish with an extra 70,000 calories (20 pounds). A 26.2 mile marathon run at a 12 minute pace would use up approximately 2800 calories. 70,000 calories would equal 25 marathons. Of course while running those marathons you would want to maintain your (BMR) basal metabolic rate of calories required for health maintenance.

* Exercise is to tone muscles, get fit, and should not done because you want to lose weight. Strengthen muscles, lower your resting heart rate, elongate and lengthen those muscles through stretching and use Moving Release Techniques to stay limber and mobile. It’s all good when done for the right reasons.

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Michael McCright
Free Health Coaching – provided by the "Together i Can Group"
October 13, 2016

We're here to help!

Are you interesting in Free Health Coaching?

Just drop us a line with your name and number and we'll give you a call!