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Learn the habits of life that will either promote you or those that will demote you.

Join in the discussion every Wednesday night from 6 to 8 pm where we address all the issues!



Michael McCright   Assessment


Our past – our thoughts and deeds – in reality represent who we have become. But Not who we actually are. Two selves exist in each individual - the Bible calls one-self flesh and the other Spirit. I like to think as one self as being EGO or the false self, which one could relate to the flesh. The other would be the Authentic Self, the real you, which one could relate to soul or Spirit.

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Michael McCright   Processes


Why journal? 1. Our forgetters are so good, we tend to forget the things that are good for us. 2. Removing the revolving thoughts from our mind and getting them into the open, in black and white, where we can face them.

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