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Michael McCright   Spiritual


What is your life's greatest desire? What is your biggest Dream? Would it be for health, if you had to sacrifice wealth? Would it be for a great family life? Would it be for Power and Fame?

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Michael McCright   Beliefs


Low self-esteem – a false belief about ourselves, thinking poorly of ourselves, not giving ourselves credit for the value we provide for others. Many times low self-esteem was established early on in life due to a traumatic experience.

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Michael McCright   Meditation


Mindfulness – becoming aware – living in the NOW! The Present! It is our tendency as human beings to reflect on the past quite often—regretting mistakes that we've made, reviewing those decisions that now, using 20-20 hindsight...

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Michael McCright   Habits of Health


Lack of sleep can be one of those incremental slides down the spiral to dis-ease. If we were to stay up for 24 or 36 hours, it would have a devastating effect on our bodies, which we could recognize immediately.

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