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Learn the habits of life that will either promote you or those that will demote you.

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Michael McCright   Habits of Health


Lack of sleep can be one of those incremental slides down the spiral to dis-ease. If we were to stay up for 24 or 36 hours, it would have a devastating effect on our bodies, which we could recognize immediately.

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Michael McCright   Processes


Beginning any new process requires change – that means transitioning from a place where you are normally comfortable to a place where you are uncomfortable.

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Michael McCright   Behavior


The Chain: One thing, leading to another, leading to another, leading to another.
Living a Longer Healthier Life – By Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen – Workbook page 15, Identifying bad habits and triggers, Modifying your life using your mental faculties and spiritual strengths, Chapter 6 “Discover Your Optimal Health” page 45

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Michael McCright   Assessment


Have a private conversation between you and you. Conduct an honest evaluation. What is it you don't like about yourself, be honest? What results are you experiencing that you would just as soon not experience?

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Michael McCright   Nutrition


Getting beyond the Taste Bud Dilemma - Many times as we walk down the path of life we come to places where we’ve had some minor gain, a task accomplished, or a goal met. There is something within each individual (I call it the EGO) that says, demands that we receive a reward for that accomplishment...

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