Habits of Health Weekly Meeting

Learn the habits of life that will either promote you or those that will demote you.

Join in the discussion every Wednesday night from 6 to 8 pm where we address all the issues!



Michael McCright   Journey


Sarcopenia – The loss of muscle mass as we age. The effects—one pound of muscle is said to burn about 70 calories per day. As we age, we lose about one pound of muscle every year and replace it with fat....

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Michael McCright   Philosophy


Instant gratification generally means that a short term (instant gain) will most often turn into long term pain. Delayed Gratification generally means that short term pain (suffering a little in the NOW) will most often turn into long term gain....

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Michael McCright   Spiritual


What is your life's greatest desire? What is your biggest Dream? Would it be for health, if you had to sacrifice wealth? Would it be for a great family life? Would it be for Power and Fame?

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