Establishing a Base-Line

It is difficult to get anywhere if all you know is the destination. You need a starting point...

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Healthy Habit 2 : Determining a Destination

Determining a Destination

What is it you want to be, to do, or to have? If you don't decide then the world will decide for you.

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Healthy Habit 3 : Developing Desire and Passion

Developing Desire and Passion

A spur of the moment decision is not what anyone should base long-term planning on. To ensure success we should have a plan.

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Healthy Habit 4 : Slight Edge

Slight Edge

Do you think you could improve yourself – your health, knowledge, skills, diet, relationships, whatever – just 3/10 of 1% every day?

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Healthy Habit 5 : Structural Tension Chart

Structural Tension Chart

Putting it all together – giving yourself a visual. Health Habit 1 : We did an honest evaluation and determined where we were at...

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Healthy Habit 6 : Definition of Success

Definition of Success

Two questions that are often asked concerning success. What does success really mean? When will I know that I'm successful?

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Healthy Habit 7 : The Law of Success

The Law of Success

The Law of Success is nothing more than a cycle. The first thing to do is open one's mind and identify something that is holding us back.

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Healthy Habit 8 : Developing Discipline

Developing Discipline

For those who allow life to make choices for them (procrastinators) developing discipline can be tough.

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Healthy Habit 9 : Developing your Mental Core

Developing your Mental Core

Each time you allow one of the committee members in your mind, to win, when you go along with their suggestions - that entity will get stronger.

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Healthy Habit 10 : Understanding Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification

The idea that struggle and working hard are bad, may be a misconception, leading to many false beliefs.

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Healthy Habit 11 : Caloric Consumption

Caloric Consumption

Developing an understanding of the relationship between caloric consumption and energy expenditure.

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Healthy Habit 12 : Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health

How can we build up or increase our own spiritual health? How can we evaluate someone's Spiritual health?

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Healthy Habit 13 : Developing Mindfulness

Developing Mindfulness

Why is it important? Without it, true change is almost impossible. Mindfulness comes before discernment.

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