Overcoming the committee, the voices in mind.

Each time you allow one of the committee members in your mind, to win, when you go along with their suggestions - that entity will get stronger.

The Committee members are in the habit of getting their way. The more we have acquiesced throughout our life, the less “we” will be in charge. We meaning the authentic self, who you really are, the person you were designed to be.

Who makes up the committee? Could be your mom and dad, a pastor or priest or rabbi or other important religious figure, siblings, best friends in school, a teacher, an entity such as your inner child, or an entity that believes you should satisfy others, this could be a diva (actor or actress you admire) or other ego driven entities.

The entire committee is what makes up the ego in totality.

Who sets at the head of the table in your life, who is chairman of the board, you or your ego?

Who is it that can rise above shame and guilt, and feeling less than, you (the authentic you) or your ego?

Many people don't realize that it is nothing more than a choice, to acquiesce, or to take charge. To take charge means taking responsibility for everything that's going on in your life. That's tough! However, the more you acquiesce to the committee the tougher your life will actually be.

Brother Dave Gardner, an old-time comedian had this to say:

Let those who want none, have fond memories of not getting any.

Making no choice is actually making a choice. If you don't make the choice to battle your ego, you are making the choice to acquiesce.

May you be blessed with the fortitude, to surrender your life, to something greater than yourself, that you may be able to accept who and what you are.

Choose not to be someone or something the committee keeps telling you that you must be, but become the person God designed you to be.

God did not, and does not create any junk, you are special!


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Michael McCright
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