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Habits of Health Monthly Meeting

Learn the habits of life that will either promote you or those that will demote you.

Join in the discussion every 4th Thursday night from 6 to 8 pm where we address all the issues!



Michael McCright   Processes


Understanding Activity and Exercise – Fat Burn vs Aerobic zone.


Michael McCright   Assessment


Lifestyle and Behavioral Changes defined – Environmental shifts..


Michael McCright   Assessment


Authentic Self – Moving from Should to Would

Our past – our thoughts and deeds – in reality represent who we have become. But Not who we actually are. Two selves exist in each individual - the Bible calls one-self flesh and the other Spirit. I like to think as one self as being EGO or the false self, which one could relate to the flesh. The other would be the Authentic Self, the real you, which one could relate to soul or Spirit...

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Authentic Self versus Ego

When it comes to thinking what you want to think, it is important to differentiate between what the Ego wants us to think and what the Authentic Self truly believes...

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Michael McCright   Processes


Mental Changes Required – How to develop new beliefs and new definitions. If you are not willing to change your thoughts then you are not ready for change to take place. Challenging old Beliefs, Developing new beliefs.


Michael McCright   Assessment


Physical Changes Required to experience weight loss and understanding what it takes to keep it off.


Michael McCright   Stress


Health Assessments – Defining where you stand – Declaring what you desire – Making a Plan to get you to your goal.

see Making Plans and Setting Goals
and Structural Tension Chart


Michael McCright


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