In Search of a Worthy Ideal

In Search of a Worthy Ideal

What is the major priority in your life at this present moment in time?
Is your major priority a Worthy Ideal?

Are you seeking:
God, Health, Wealth, Security, Fame, Peace, Serenity, Freedom, Education?
It could be one or all those things.
What is it you SEEK?

One thing I can say with clarity is that a person will never jump from where they are to perfection instantaneously. Develop a belief that it is better to have “progress” rather than perfection. Make life a journey rather than a series of destinations.

To develop meaningful ideals we need to start with a healthy, rigorously honest evaluation of who we are and who we want to become.
If you haven’t done it before, you may want to take the time to evaluate your talents. What are you good at naturally? You may want to make a list of the gifts you have been given.

It might be best to take a look at where we are in life and where we think we want to go. Are we trying to paddle upstream (using competition or force to get what we think we desire) or are we flowing with life and allowing life to unfold (using Power and Love to provide for our needs)?

Have you determined what your purpose in Life is? What were you designed to do? Why were you created? You might want to use your “gift list” and your “Core Values” to assist in uncovering your Purpose.

Once we have completed an honest evaluation of our lives and have observed some areas that could be improved, that improvement might be considered a Worthy Ideal.

Worthy: having worth, merit, or value.

It is extremely important part to know where you would like to end up. What "ideally" would you like to be or become or possibly have?

Ideal: a conception of something in its perfection. An Ideal doesn’t necessarily have a destination but is something worthy of a journey.

Having discovered your Purpose, (Your Worthy Ideal), you can use that to develop your mission Statement. How are you going to fulfill that, Purpose? What tools do you need to fulfill your mission?

How good is your forgetter? Mine is pretty good. Therefore, it behooves us to write down our worthy ideals. If we write them in a journal, our forgetter does not have a chance to activate. How about posting those “Worthy Ideals” on our bathroom mirror and read them every morning and evening. By locking them into the mind, we have a much greater chance of succeeding.

Once we have decided on our Worthy Ideals, the process of achieving those Ideals can begin.

Together (with my Worthy Ideals defined) i Can


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