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Together i Can : A Guide to attaining Peace, Joy, and Serenity in this Lifetime : by Michael W. McCright

Together i Can

A Guide to attaining Peace, Joy, and Serenity in this Lifetime

by Michael W. McCright

Together (i) Can is a guide to overcoming personal life complications. The small (i) indicates humility. Individuals with a large “ego” and a lot of pride live as large (I) persons and typically have unresolved issues. Pride usually leads to a chaotic life.

This book is for individuals struggling with life situations, addictions, low self-esteem, questionable spirituality, their relationship with God, and mental and physical health challenges.

If you have difficulty getting along with others, following directions, and respecting authority, this book is for you.

Having peace in life requires balance and learning to avoid extremes. That balance must be consistent in three areas of life—spirituality, physicality, and mental acuity, which includes the emotional realm. The spiritual aspect of our being ministers to the mind. The mind, in turn, controls the body. Any issues originating in the body will influence the spirit.

When your life is balanced, nothing anyone says or does can throw you off kilter or alter your path. You’ll take responsibility for your life and move from reaction and victimhood to response and empowerment.

Together (i) Can will teach you:

  • How to expect life to get better.
  • A path for building trust in yourself and others.
  • How to look at problems from a holistic perspective.
  • The concept of “slight edge” to avoid errors in judgment.
  • How to avoid groupthink aka tribalism or we’ism.

By releasing the ego and returning to (i), you too can experience peace, joy, and serenity.


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Michael W. McCright

Michael W. McCright

Michael W. McCright is a writer, speaker, and past radio show host, who has decades of experience in health and healing. He has helped thousands of people through various spiritual, mental, or physical difficulties.

Before entering the healing arts, Michael worked in the electronics industry, both in the Navy on submarines and later in civilian life. He was trained on aerobics when it was first developed by Dr. Ken Cooper and taught it to military personnel. He also became a certified hypnotherapist, assisting others in changing beliefs to enhance their personal self-esteem, memory retention, and reduction of anxiety. Courses from Shaklee Corporation, Standard Process, and Metagenics furthered his education in nutrition. Michael graduated from BodyMind College as a Holistic Health Practitioner, with further training with the Egoscue Institute, becoming a certified PAS (Postural Alignment Specialist). He received his Doctor of Divinity from the Universal Life Church in 1999, which provided him a path to offer Christian spiritual counseling. He has been involved in a Twelve-Step program for thirty-eight years. In 2014, he became certified as a health coach.

Michael’s personal experience and background led him to find remedies for his own ailments and those of others who sought his services.

He has experienced total amnesia twice, once as a teenager when a horse fell and rolled over him and another time when he rode a motorcycle into the side of a building’s rough rock wall. He has overcome two-and-a-half years of extreme disabling back pain and ten years of cluster headaches. Other minor things, such as turning his foot around backwards in another motorcycle accident, slowed him down and taught him patience.

Michael has flown planes, raced superstock and speedway cars, and participated in off road racing as an owner and driver. He has climbed Mt. Whitney twice at ages thirty-six and sixty. He started running at fifty-five and completed thirteen half-marathons. He also ran his first and last marathon (26.2 miles) at age sixty.

Now at age eighty, Michael is looking forward to what God next has in store for him.


As a coach I bring people’s consciousness to a level of reality (Observing Results)
I bring reality into the picture as often as possible.
I bring facts to the front that many people are typically denying or ignoring
I try to shine light on dark areas
I attempt to bring balance into people’s lives
I provide health alternatives for healthy lifestyles

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