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Authentic Self – Moving from Should to Would

Becoming Aware – Developing Awareness

Changing Habits – Assessment Time

Health Evaluation (02/18 PDF)

Health Evaluation (06/16 PDF)

Life Style Changes - Points to Ponder

Power of Habits – Assessment Time – Feeling Discomfort

Rate Your Health (02/18 PDF)

Spiritual Journey within, The - Acquiring the Authentic You

Starting Point - Establishing a Base Line

Structural Tension Chart

Thoughts about Trinity



All Decisions Have Consequences

Breaking negative behavioral chains

Five steps to changing habits



Focusing on What You Want – NOT ON What You Don’t Want

Self Esteem - What you think and feel about yourself



Developing Diligence, Vigilance and Discernment



Motion – A Habit of Health - NEAT (Part 1)

Motion – A Habit of Health - EAT (Part 2)


Habits of Health

Posture - The Importance of



Aging - an interesting process

Free Health Coaching

Five steps to changing habits

Plans and Planning

The Yets


Law and Truths

Un-Healthy Foods to be Avoided





Dealing with Stress: Breathing exercises, Meditation

Habits of Health

Sleep – an important Habit of Health

The Yet's

Identifying Triggers by Observing Results



Basic Nutrition 101

Blood sugar and insulin explanation

Free Weight-Loss Coaching

Healthy Snacks and condiments (PDF)

Portion sizes – what do they mean by balanced nutrition

Reading Labels – Counting Calories (CICO)

Temptation, Taste Buds and The Three Bite Rule

The foods we eat – making better choices

Three ways that the body accumulates fat


Obesity Facts

Obesity and Medications



Defining Optimal health – what is it?

Environment - Community

Habits Defined (Feb 18)

Habits of health Defined - what are they (Jan 18)

Habits of health Defined - what are they (Oct 16)

Health habits - The Law of Success

Incrementalism - The Path to Dis-ease

Off the Grid or Together i Can

Reaction vs Response

Slight Edge - Breaking it down

Together i Can Rational

Understanding Delayed - Instant Gratification

Victimhood - Coming from Apprehension, Fear



BMI – Body Mass Index - What is it and Why is it important

The importance of community



"EAT" Activity

Food as Drugs

Food as Medicine

Free Health Coaching

Free Weight-Loss Coaching

Habits of Health

"NEAT" Healthy Habits

Sleep – an important Habit of Health

The #1 Reason for Dis-ease

The Yet's

Weight Loss Advantages



Transitioning back, what does it mean?

The Importance of Detoxifying the Body for Ultimate Health

Making Plans and Setting Goals


Special Event

Weight Matters - Wait Matters : Special Event at CHI La Mesa (Feb 26 2018)



An Argument for Spiritual Growth First (Aug 2018)

An Argument for Spiritual Growth First (Aug 2016)

Habits of Health

The importance of Relationships (Mar 27 2018)

Recognizing the Authentic Self

Relationships, The importance of (Oct 19 2016)

Spiritual Journey within, The - Acquiring the Authentic You

The Spiritual Side of Life – The Advantages

Thoughts about Trinity


The Yet's



Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress is over but Stressful situations are not. Dealing with Stress using some tools: Breathing, Meditation, etc



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