Every decision, whether made by choice in the moment or ignored and left to chance, has a consequence.

Make the choice right now to establish good routines and turn them into habits – develop a ritual for your day.
Use discipline to establish that ritual and after repeating it enough times and it will turn into a habit.

As a coach, I bring people’s consciousness to a level of reality (seeing results).
I bring reality to the picture as often as possible.
I bring facts to the front that many people are typically denying or ignoring.
I try to shine light in dark areas.
I bring balance to people’s lives.
I provide health alternatives for healthy lifestyles.

Together with developed WHY’s, people can take charge of their own lives.

One of my why's:
Experiencing the satisfaction of seeing someone's life improved.


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Michael McCright
Free Health Coaching – provided by the "Together i Can Group"
August 7, 2017

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