When it comes to thinking what you want to think, it is important to differentiate between what the Ego wants us to think and what the Authentic Self truly believes.

Ego puffs us up and inflates the pride portion of the self. Ego feels good when it feels important. It adds the importance of the feelings such as happy, elated, and self-gratification. When these feelings are missing, the Ego condemns us as failures.

Authentic Self operates on the opposite end of the spectrum. It relies on looking at life from an aspect of humbleness. Authentic Self empowers a person with high self esteem and with a knowing that God didn’t create any junk.

There is a part of us (something) that observes our dreams at night. It makes no effort to interfere or make changes. It stays in the background and seems to be a spectator of everything that goes on in our lives. (The Observer!)

Does this observer / spectator disappear when we awaken? Most likely not, it just recedes to a quiet place in the mind and continues to observe the chatter that occurs during the day. It allows the conscious mind (EGO) to take over, paying attention to the senses—seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling— that bombard us during our waking hours.

Why not allow this observer to establish contact with the real YOU. Let it find out your true desires and dreams. As the real YOU becomes more powerful, realistic, and authentic, it can then start making decisions for you instead of allowing the EGO to be in charge of your life.

It is at this time that you are really following the principle of “thinking what the authentic you wants to think.” It is at this time that the authentic you takes charge, accepts responsibility for everything that has gone on and is going on in your life. You know that it is you and only you making the choices that determine the outcome of your health, joy, and well being that is your life.


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