The Chain: One thing, leading to another, leading to another, leading to another.

Living a Longer Healthier Life – By Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen –
Workbook page 15
Identifying bad habits and triggers
Modifying your life using your mental faculties and spiritual strengths
Chapter 6 “Discover Your Optimal Health” page 45

From should to Would to will to - I AM (I am doing it)
Should: the core meaning: modal verb indicating that something is the right thing for somebody to do; used to advise somebody to do something.
Would: core meaning: use to express the sense of "will." To want, to do it because it is your choice.
Will: Core meaning: decisive decision to take action and move forward.
Am: Core meaning: actual process is happening.

No one can motivate you to change except you!
Success boils down to intrinsic, internal motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within.
Earl Nightingale’s definition of Success: The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal
Many believe that you only have to make a mental decision in order for something to happen. If it is only mental, only intellectual, then the chances of success are slim. Just because you know how and know you should, doesn't mean you will. If you're not ready, nothing will happen. If you haven’t defined the “WHY” you are doing something, the plan will have very little passion behind it.

When the desire moves from the intellectual (Brain and Mind) and is joined with the heart center (passion), the chances of success become greater.

When the intellect is joined with the heart and then moves to the gut, the power center, then your chances of succeeding are almost 100%.

Know it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and process it in the gut to really make it happen.

Success in any endeavor will happen when you are really ready to change.

Meaningful change happens when people are really ready to change. When they are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are offered a solution, many times they will grab that golden ring and move forward.

Write down the most important reason you can think of and post it on the bathroom mirror. Look at it every morning before you start your day.

When you have to have the desire to change, the stronger you can make that desire, the greater the chance is for a successful outcome.

From the workbook page 15 – harnessing the habits of disease:
Feelings typically are not caused by one thing, no one single event but rather a series which is known as a behavioral chain. This may be known as incrementalism, one small thing leading to another, leading to another.

You must identify unhealthy habits. If you're not conscious of them, they will continue. Mindfulness is an important component of change. Without it, we continue to plod along the same path, doing the same things.

List five habits of disease that are ongoing in your life. After each habit, define what may be the trigger for it.
Awareness is always at the beginning of any process.

As awareness develops you can then start to use: the Stop – Challenge - Choose approach.

Stop what you're doing – do an evaluation – take a deep breath – Center yourself.

Challenge your reasoning – why am I feeling like this – am I choosing simple disciplines or do I choose to make a slight error in judgment.

Choose – this is it that I truly desire – a Simple Discipline – a Slight Error in Judgment

It is much easier to make small incremental changes than trying to jump to perfection in one fell swoop.

Just as our bodies adapt and become sicker and full of dis-ease on an incremental basis, the body can also become healthier on that same incremental basis. A lot of that has to do with making conscious choices which we call Simple Disciplines rather than unconscious choices which can be called Slight Errors in Judgment.

Every day the choices you make will take you closer to dis-ease or closer to optimal health. The thing that you must realize is that you make those choices. What we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, how we move, how we handle stress- each of these will lead us in One Direction or the other. We are either moving towards health or away from it!

The idea - The concept is to move from a place of reaction, something happening almost automatically, to a place of response.
Consciously choosing the outcome is a good habit, instead of a mindless reaction to a trigger.

You become the average of the five people you hang around with. Are those who you choose to hang around with, supporting your new effort or opposing it? Avoid situations or toxic environments that make it difficult to accomplish your new choices.

Keep a journal. Keep awareness in the forefront of your thinking. Identifying old and new triggers is important. By journaling feelings, you become more aware of what are the disabling issues in your life.

Make a list of positive choices that you could use when negative feelings or urges arise. It's called planning ahead!

The mind is a powerful tool. What you think about and focus on typically will manifest itself.
Therefore it is extremely important to focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.

Don't put yourself into situations where you try to test yourself intentionally.

Optimal health: core meaning:

1. The optimal physical health and conditioning that can be established under the circumstances one is exposed to.

2. The optimal mental health is the best that can be established under the circumstances one is exposed to.

3. The optimal spiritual health is the best relationship that can be established at any given moment in time.

Optimal health is not a destination. Optimal health is a continuing journey, something that you can never really attain. It will always be one step above you. As you experience the next level, you’ll come to recognize that there is a level above it.

If you have chosen optimal health as a goal but have added a definition as to what it is, you are going to limit yourself.

Gaining optimal health is a journey!
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