Getting beyond the Taste Bud Dilemma

Many times as we walk down the path of life we come to places where we’ve had some minor gain, a task accomplished, or a goal met.

There is something within each individual (I call it the EGO) that says, demands that we receive a reward for that accomplishment.

Instead of finding something new that will bring us satisfaction or pleasure, we often times reward ourselves with the exact thing that we were avoiding to improve our health in the first place. (a Cigarette, some Alcohol, or poor Food Choices.)

Our eyes draw us towards those things that we recognize and know. Add to that a pleasant smell and our mouths will start watering. The minute we taste something that is salty, sweet or filled with fat, our taste buds take over and tell us we are doing the right thing. We end up consuming more than we should or really need.

One of the ways to counteract the “Taste Bud” response is the “Three Bite Rule.” Research has shown that most cravings are satisfied within the first three bites. The proper approach is to take the first bite – StopChallenge ourselves with the question, did that bite provide the satisfaction I needed. Choose to stop or continue.

If it didn’t then take the second bite. Repeat the process: StopChallenge ourselves and then Choose the next course of action.

Normally, anything over the third bite becomes greed, gluttony, or sabotaging ourselves because of an old belief or habit.

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September 13, 2017


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