“Together i Can” is a philosophy that brings responsibility back to the individual.

The minute you say “we,” you are putting your faith, your happiness, and your abilities into the hands of someone or something else and setting yourself up for disappointment.

No one (with the exception of God) has our best interests at heart; even those with the best of intentions will let you down and disappointment you at some time or another.

No individual can read your mind and know exactly what it is you are looking for.

To be very honest, many times we as individuals don’t really know what it is we desire, until after the fact.

However, as individuals we must also realize that we don’t live in a vacuum and nothing happens without the involvement of others.

The second we start to acknowledge others for what they offer is the moment you can say “Together i Can.” Only you can change You! However, joining with others, creating a community of like-minded people, will move us ahead faster and further than taking control and trying to force something, using our will to make it happen.

All great sport teams have a coach, if not many coaches. Most professionals who reach the top either have coaches, mentors or sponsors who helped them along the way.

Surrender to WIN! Quit playing god, forcing things to happen and move into Power. Attain the Gift and Pass it along, using the “Together i Can” philosophy.


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January 16 2018

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