It never ceases to amaze me how we as individuals are always looking for the silver bullet, the fast fix, instant gratification, and in doing so overlook the obvious.

Our bodies are phenomenal, intricate, complex instruments for which only GOD has the blueprints. We know some of the basics and are learning more each year concerning the function of body parts and how we are put together.

One obvious, glaring fact is that we cannot continue to abuse and overuse the body and expect it to function at a premium, 100% level all of the time.

If you don’t make time for a healthy lifestyle, then you need to plan and schedule time to be sick.

I know people who are over-nourished (fat), under-nourished (skinnyskinny), totally out of physical condition (can’t walk around the block without being out of breath), depressed, high cholesterol, low energy, high blood pressure, hyperglycemic, the list goes on and on, and they all have the same question: What herb, vitamin, mineral, potion, lotion, remedy, cure, drug, or what should I be eating, in order to get past this condition??????????

We are misled when we go to the health food store and find that Gotu Kola will improve memory, ginseng will provide energy, MSM (sulfur) will get rid of aches and pain, and this list goes on and on. It is truth that these products have the capability of doing what the manufacturers claim.

However, if our bodies are out of balance, clogged up (see cleansing), stressed out, reacting to drug side effects, then chances are we will not see the results we desire.


THE ANSWER IS BACK TO BASICS: The body needs a proper balance of the basic nutrients in order to stay healthy. It also requires that we avoid some of those luxury items that rob us of energy.

WHAT QUALIFIES AS BASICS: One thing is established for certain—the soil no longer has the minerals it once had. Therefore, any plants grown today have a diminished amount of minerals in them. Vitamins come from the synthesis of the sun and plant growth; so theoretically, the plants should be able to provide us with all of the vitamins we need. WRONG—with the fear of passing along some viruses, bugs, bacteria, etc., the manufacturers over process the food and much of the vitamin content is destroyed. In our ever evolving, progressive world, we are exposed to more chemicals (see toxins), toxins, and stress, which perpetuate the build up of free radicals* in the body. To counteract this build up, I believe we should incorporate an antioxidant* to remove these free radicals.


A Micro-Macro-colloidal Mineral solution with a complete line up of essential and ionized trace minerals, essential vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. Packed with ionized, polarized electrolytes and organic fulvates, which aid the body in converting nutrients to life force energy.

A broad-spectrum nutritional product that provides essential vitamins and minerals, plus two powerful nutrients – hawthorn and garlic – to help support your body’s circulation. This support helps maintain the healthy functioning of your body’s physiologic and metabolic processes.

Supply your body with a vast array of antioxidants, which will scavenge (neutralize) harmful free radicals that can damage DNA molecules and affect cellular health. The cascading effect of these antioxidants recharges the scavenging activity of used molecules and lengthens the lives of other antioxidant molecules for a very broad spectrum coverage of a wide range of free radical oxidizers.

*Free Radicals - cellular oxidation, toxins, stress, causes the polarity of a molecule to become positively charged, which then pulls electrons from other molecules, disrupting cellular health.

*Antioxidant - a scavenging molecule which grabs a free radical and converts it into an inert state.


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