Coming from Apprehension, Fear - Creating Tension - Unwanted Consequences

A victim is someone who, from their viewpoint, believes that they have had something done to them; something that they had no way of avoiding; something that they have absolutely no responsibility for creating.

Every situation, no matter what has happened, always has two sides, two viewpoints.
The flipside of the victim coin always takes into account responsibility.
Responsibility has nothing to do with assigning fault or blame. It involves both the past situations which happened, and the present moment, what's actually going on.

It always involves the question "why"!

Why was I in the middle of that intersection when the accident happened? Did I leave too early, or did I leave too late? If I would've left exactly on time, would I have been there when the situation happened?

Why was I born to abusive parents?

Why did I become involved with an abusive spouse?

Asking why always opens up the door of responsibility. It puts us in a place of power. As often as we consider ourselves victims is as often as we are giving our power away to the person or thing what happened.

My parents treated me as if I was unlovable (a perception or interpretation)—therefore I now believe that I am and therefore deserve the abuse I receive.
A teacher told me that I was stupid; therefore I now believe that I am incapable of learning anything on my own.
Someone told me I was I was ugly; therefore I now believe that I am and must subject myself to that behavior that comes my way.
An employer told me I did not deserve a raise, that I was unworthy; therefore, I now believe that I am unworthy to receive the true value for things I do.

These are not truths!
Can these deeply held unconscious beliefs be changed? Absolutely!
They are only opinions, or viewpoints, held onto by what I term as the ego created by ourselves, when we listened to unjust, unknowing perpetrators.

Everything that has happened to us or is happening to us is a result of choices— choices that we made consciously or refusing to make a choice, which in itself, becomes a choice.
The results we experienced could be considered nothing more than consequences for the choices we've made.


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