What does optimal health look like?

Would it have to include freedom of disease?

Some say, that I feel good, that my body works, that I'm feeling safe and the glitches in my life don't count.

How do structural issues developed by accidents fit into the picture?

Optimal health might be defined as: The best health you can have under any existing set of conditions. Being aware of all of those conditions and striving to improve them.

Optimal health will be a state of being that can never be reached, we will always be trying to improve our conditions, making a journey of life, never looking for a destination or the completion of a goal.

Optimal health should include the spiritual realm, the physical realm and the mental realm.

On the spiritual realm, we should be moving towards hope and away from despair.

On the physical realm, it would be nice to be totally energized and not lethargic.

On the mental realm, experiencing total joy, moving away from depression and anxiety.

Optimal health should include the concept of Slight Edge. Using simple disciplines to continue our journey instead of trying to reach a destination.

We should except the fact that we will continue to make slight errors in judgment, leading to those glitches in life. However, through awareness those slight errors in judgment should become less and less.

In my opinion you can not be moving towards optimal health and be in DENIAL at the same time! DENIAL prevents progress.

Denial = "Don't Even kNOw I'm Lying."

This being said, leads to the conclusion, that to obtain optimal health we must become totally honest with and about ourselves.

Some things to consider when striving for optimal health.

1. Our diet: do we continue to put high glycemic foods into our body expecting good results?

2. Our activity: are we coach potatoes expecting vitality to be created from setting and doing nothing?

3. Our rest: do we get 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep each night?

4. Our hydration: as a minimum, do we drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water each day?

5. Our breathing: do we take comfortable deep breaths, or do we hold our breath in anticipation of the next shoe dropping?

6. Our associations: do we associate with positive forward looking people or do we hang around with people who are negative, using drugs and alcohol to get happy?

7. Our environment: is it open, light and airy, or is it dark, dense and stifling?

8. Our association with God: does it bring on hope, anticipation of better things to come, joy, peace, serenity, those things that come from the spiritual world not from the material world?

9. Our prayer life: do we have a good enough relationship with God that we can ask and expect to receive?

10. Our meditation: can we sit quietly, without the committee in our head chattering, and listen for God's direction for our lives?


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Michael McCright
February 24, 2015