The Spiritual Side of Life -- The Advantages

The Spiritual – the Invisible – the Miraculous

The Connection with or a Relationship with God.

It all goes back to the question, what was there in the very beginning?

Some individuals attribute the beginning to a universal consciousness. The question I ask is where did that intelligence originate from? The easy answer is, it came from God.

If we observe the the miraculous universe in which we live. Or if we bring our focus only to the earth. And then to the internal workings of the body.

We will find of that the experts (The scientist) have only scratched the surface as to how everything fits together and how it all works for the good of all.

The easy explanation is that there is and was a creator that put it altogether. The name given to the Creator is God. Other names include Jehovah, Allah, and many others all pointing to the one and only Creator.

It is said that God has spoken through men and given us some insight as to his characteristics.

44 different authors over thousands of years contributed to what we now know as the Bible (God's Word).

Those men, sheepherders, Kings, Prophets, individuals who walked with his Son, and Paul, an individual transformed by God, all contribute the same concurrent message about God.

They all speak of Him about being all-knowing, all-powerful, and always present. They speak of Him of being there at the beginning, present in their world and today's world and also present into the future - infinity.

If what they say is true, then we too can have a spiritual relationship with that Spiritual Entity called God.

Everyone is given "free will" and can make that choice as to whether they desire a relationship with Him or not.

The advantages from my perspective:

1. If you establish a relationship with Him, you will never be alone again. Anytime that you experience loneliness, know that it is in your mind, created by self (ego) and untrue.

2. Faith in Him will establish a future for you. You can say that when this body passes away, you will be with Him. Of course you can also believe that he doesn't exist and plan your future as being somewhere that He is not.

3. His word explains that he is present to provide support and strength in times of troubles. Not that trouble, illness, or struggles will not happen, it is that we will approach them with a different attitude. With Him struggles become opportunities for growth.

4. Faith in Him, establishes a path, through which we can communicate with Him. This is called prayer. We can make requests, knowing that if they are in alignment with His will, they will be granted.

5. We no longer need to regret the past, for we know that we have been forgiven. The fact that we have been forgiven shows us a path or provides guidance for us, that we can now forgive others.

6. We can know for certain that we are loved in a way that no human can love us. Agape love is that an unwarranted Love that only God can provide.

7. We will have direction, intuitive wisdom that can assist us in making good decisions. Discernment will come naturally to us if we only listen for it. Things that used to baffle us will now become clear.

8. We will have strength to get through issues and stressful situations that at one time would've put us to our knees. He can remove obsessions, addictions, that self (ego) could not have overcome.

A major difficulty for most people is that of giving up ego. It is human nature, for selves, to be in control, and do things to meet our own needs. We were born with a competitive spirit. Submitting and surrendering, especially to something invisible, can be very difficult.

Sometimes turning it over, takes practice. We give our lives over to God, to run our affairs and then take the responsibility back when we think he's not doing a good enough job.

We ask him to solve the problem, and it does not get solved in the manner in which we have decided, therefore we determine that it must unsolvable by Him therefore we need to take over and get it done. We find it difficult to stop and consider that what we are trying to solve or get done, may not be good for us at that particular time.

As humans we are going to continue to make mistakes. We need to take that into consideration, forgive ourselves, and continue on striving to do better. Learning from mistakes, what not to do the next time, developing answers ahead of time, should that event present itself, and taking action on our new behavior, should be what we strive to do.

Choosing to have God in our lives, seems to be, appears to be, an inconsequential choice. Something that shouldn't really matter one way or the other. However, what I have observed in those who have made that choice has been monumental.

As Mikey says: "try it you may like it."

Give it six months or a year. If what you have received in that time is not to your liking, your misery will be gladly returned.


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Michael McCright
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August 23, 2016


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