Trigger- anything, as an act or event that serves as a stimulus and initiates or precipitates a reaction or series of reactions.

Triggers – those things that create a reaction from us.
Habits, feelings, emotions, and beliefs are all stored in the subconscious mind. Many times they reside in a hidden place and never reveal themselves until triggered. It is said that those feelings, emotions and beliefs many times, are buried so deep we never recognize that they are part of us, until the reaction happens.

Many times that reaction happens and we don't even realize that a trigger was initiated. This can go on throughout our lives until we start aggressively seeking awareness of those triggers.

Results- something that happens as a consequence; outcome.

If we start to observe our reactions as results then in hindsight many times we can reflect on what it was that brought about that result. What was the trigger?

Triggers can be brought on by any of the physical senses:
1. Sight - registering a traumatic event- similar to something that happened earlier in our lives.
2. Sound - A sound or noise that reminds us of a previous event.
3. Touch - experiencing touch in an uncomfortable or inappropriate way, a repeat of something we experienced earlier in our lives.
4. Taste - A vial or offensive taste, that brings to mind and unpleasant experience.
5. Smell - A body odor or aftershave that brings back a previous trauma.
6. And sometimes by intuition, expecting or anticipating an outcome.

Willingness and forgiveness – move us from a place of Reaction to a place of Response!
Willingness to recognize a hidden trigger.
Forgiveness is the way to modify the results (consequences) from reactions to responses.


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