Food IS Medicine

Our bodies are the most phenomenal, exquisite and profound chemical factories ever designed. Greater than any pharmaceutical company ever developed. However, as with any formula, you must start with the right ingredients. If any are missing then the formula will get modified and turn out something that was not intended.

  • Rickets – Deficiency of Vitamin D, calcium, or phosphate
  • Scurvy - A diet lacking in Vitamin C
  • Pellagra – Deficiency of Niacin, part of the vitamin B complex
  • Osteoporosis – Deficiency in Calcium and Low Estrogen
  • Type II Diabetes – Excess weight and inactivity – unbalanced eating habits
  • Hypertension – Increased risk from being Overweight or Obese
  • Acne - Hormones, which can be somewhat controlled by what you eat
  • Allergies – Overactive immune system – body inflammation
  • Susceptibility to bugs and viruses – Underactive immune system
  • Sleep Disorders – Sleep Apnea – overweight and obesity contribute
  • Inflammation – Colitis – unbalanced gut bacteria – long transit time
  • Acid Reflux – being overweight or obese
  • Depression – unbalanced hormones – overweight and obesity linked

Everything listed, in some way or another, can be linked to what foods you eat or don't eat. How you eat them, when you eat them and the amounts you ingest. The Energy expended for digestion cannot be used for the immune system.

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Michael McCright
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December 10, 2014

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