Dealing with Stress: Breathing exercises, Meditation

Humans require some stress (resistance) to stay healthy and grow and thrive.

Eustress good stress, distress bad stress

Physical stress coming from work out activity.

Mental stress can come from mind games.

Spiritual stress can come from self-imposed restrictions. Recognizing consequences that will come from our decisions. Spiritual stress can also come when we try to do God's will without his help.
Develop a reliance and trust in him.

As a coach I want to stir up your thought processes. It's my desire to get you asking questions. Better questions lead to better choices.

Mind games and stress. Determine things that are unpleasant in your life but are leading to dis-ease. Challenge yourself to make the answers to these things positive.

Honesty therapy and controversial therapy, they both go hand-in-hand.

Sometimes people turn their will and lives over to the committee. Past lives, past abuses, present abuses, seemingly unable to do anything about it. Calling it karma, telling themselves that it is something I deserve, even though I don't understand it. Plus I can't correct it or do anything about it, being a continual victim, saying that I must accept it, is an attitude that must lead to anxiety.

Victims find it very difficult to be grounded. Worriers are always floating in their dreams of the past and of the future, finding the now (the present) and reality a difficult place to remain. However, survivors can find the way to be grounded. Become a survivor rather then a victim.


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Michael McCright
January 6, 2015