Sacrifice is the word that comes to mind. If I can’t have what I want and have it right now, it feels like I’m sacrificing something, I’m being deprived of enjoyment.

When it comes to Weight Loss and people go on a Meal Replacement Program in order to lose weight, they often have to give up some of the “So-called” pleasures they’ve experienced in the past.

It’s true — we ask them to give up simple sugars and excess consumption of fat in their diet.
The taste buds (Mind Memories) like the sweetness of sugar and also the taste of fat. The fact that we have to give those up compels us to believe that we are depriving ourselves. Look at what I have to sacrifice.

The question becomes, “Is the sacrifice really worth it?” Is the sacrifice I’m making worth what I am going to obtain by making the sacrifice?

A second question becomes, “If I continue to eat those sweet snacks and fatty foods, is there something else I’m sacrificing?” Am I losing something (is something else being sacrificed) by continuing to insist on choosing unhealthy foods?

Is there something else that I’m depriving myself of?

The answer to that question is yes, absolutely.

On the other end of the spectrum beyond sweets, fats, and Dis-ease is Optimal Health—being able to run, jump, and play with the grandkids or whatever else Health means to you.

So start telling yourself every time you reach for that can of Coke, that big gulp, that snickers bar, or that cinnamon roll from the mall, that you are actually sacrificing health.
You are depriving yourself of the joy, peace, and serenity that good health brings.

Talk to anyone with type II diabetes and ask them if they can still do the same things they did before they ate themselves into that Dis-ease?

The longer you have that condition, the greater the chances are of blindness, amputation, nerve conditions, and all sorts of blood circulation problems.

So now tell me, which deprivation is more serious?
Not eating that snickers bar, making the taste buds and the mind unhappy
Sacrificing the health that you would obtain by not consuming that same snickers bar.

It’s a serious question and I ask that you ask it of yourself every time you start to make a Slight Error in Judgment—every time you reach for that snack (that you don’t really need), every time you choose something high on the glycemic index, any time you pick up something that has a large fat content.

Making a Sacrifice for a Worthy Ideal is always worthwhile. Make your Worthy Ideal Optimal Health for Life.

Thank you to Suzette G. And Joanna B. for assisting me in the realization that there are two parts / ends to every spectrum and that every individual gets to choose which end of the spectrum they’re looking at life from.

No one lives in a vacuum!
So once again it is revealed,

Together (with help of others, gained knowledge) i Can.


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