Changing Habits – Assessment Time – Feeling Uncomfortable

Evaluate what it is you believe must change. Conduct an assessment – Physical changes – changes to Thinking – Mental changes – changes concerning your Spiritual relationship and possibly changes that may enhance your Financial situation.

Most often when change takes place there is some discomfort and re-orientation that needs to be recognized and then it can become part of a plan.

That discomfort may come in the form of financial discomfort, mental discomfort, physical discomfort or sometimes a spiritual discomfort.

Many people will watch themselves deteriorate, already in pain or discomfort, but still fighting the fact that they may have to experience some discomfort, in order to get to the new place. They accept the misery they are in so that they don’t have to feel the discomfort the imagine may come their way.

Losing weight is easy - feeling uncomfortable is not!

Prior to incorporating a change into your life, determine what will be involved in order to make that change.

Write down, journal any discomfort's that you expect (project) may occur while making this change.

Using discernment, ask yourself the question: "will this discomfort I must go through, be worth experiencing, feeling and enduring, knowing beforehand the benefits I will receive?"

Know and identify before you start any new process, those things that may cause you discomfort, while you are on the journey.

Make a decision before you start that you will be willing to feel those particular discomforts while you are progressing towards optimal health.

Lock in your mind the saying "this too shall pass."

In life there is something called the Law of Cycles. If something goes up, it must come down, if something gets worse, then it can get better, also if it improves and gets better, chances are that at some point, it will probably get worse.

The only consistent thing in life is change and cycles!

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Michael McCright
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September 16, 2016


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