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What is your life's greatest desire? What is your biggest Dream?What is your life's greatest desire? What is your biggest Dream?

Would it be for health, if you had to sacrifice wealth?
Would it be for a great family life?
Would it be for Power and Fame?

This article is a plea that you would take sole responsibility for you and your life.

If a genie were to appear and you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Many people would wish for lots of money.
I have been told that money will not bring happiness. This I believe to be true.
Wealth can come and go in a second. Win a lottery and you're rich. Spend it or invest it foolishly and you'll be broke and miserable.

Might I suggest that you wish for a better you?
A better Physical you, a better Mental you, and a better Spiritual you.
It takes a balance between all three, in order that you may have all of your desires fulfilled.
It starts with your Spiritual side, whether your soul is filled with self (EGO)
(Pride) or whether it is filled with God (Holy Spirit) (Humility).

We are all called to serve. No man or woman or child can survive without others being of service to them. Therefore, to equalize every situation, we must give back and serve in the way and with the tools we were provided with.

Believing that we were designed for a reason and with a purpose will assist in developing our mental attitude. We can begin to believe that our lives have purpose.
Accepting that philosophy, possibly as our “world view,” provides us with a platform with which we can grow in the Spiritual realm.
Many find that Spiritual Guidance (sometimes known as intuition), which comes as you establish a relationship with God, can assist in straightening out our mental attitude. An attitude of Gratitude can attract many blessings into our lives.

Without acknowledging the fact that we were designed for a purpose, we will continue to struggle, and fight for a place in life. What we resist persists!
Many times that fight takes place to make us look good in front of others. Others then become our gods because it is them who we are trying to satisfy—an impossible task at best.

Aligning ourselves with God's will is the ultimate path to a peaceful life filled with serenity. Challenges will never get us down because they become opportunities.

For those who’s "world view" says there is no God because they believe it has something to do with religion, I say:
God is not religion!
The Bible (His Word) is not religion!

Religion is created by men and women who offer their interpretation of God, their version of God, His Word and dictate to us what we should know and believe.
Buying into their beliefs puts us into their control, rather than the control of God.

The only thing in this life that you really have control over is you.
You have "free will," the ability to make choices, even though sometimes that doesn't appear to be the situation.

Accepting the fact that you are a temple of God (that's what it says in the Bible) mentally, more guidance would probably force you to make better choices when it comes to your health and physical well-being.

If you truly believed that you are a vessel in which the Holy Spirit resides and you wanted to keep as close to perfection as possible, would you ever smoke a cigarette?
Putting carcinogens and impurities into the lungs would not make sense.

If you truly believe that your body was a temple, would you fill it full of garbage?
How much alcohol would you drink? How many fatty, sugar-filled foods would you ingest?

Would you study to gain wisdom? Possibly up your mental game so you could understand why you were obese or continued to yo-yo and couldn't keep the weight off?

You could continue down the same path you’ve been on and let the doctors or others provide you with all of the answers, solutions, and how-to’s.

Of course, this would be another way of turning your control over to others and letting them have control of your life, rather than letting God supply the answers and meet your needs.

The Bible says "discernment in all things." If we are to use discernment in our lives, then we must have control over all of our decisions. We must accept the consequences of those decisions and if they are leading us towards dis–ease, we need a course correction. In the religion department, some may define dis-ease as Sin.
It is our responsibility to implement that course correction and take action on those things that will make us better.

So what is your world view?
God exists?
There is no God?

Your decision and your decision alone, will determine the belief, and that belief will be based on the answer you choose.
You will reinforce those beliefs, and your mental attitudes and habits will be formed by those beliefs by whether you choose to be with God or to exist without Him.

It's really just a mental choice!
You can trust your ego, which may tell you there is no God.
You can trust your authentic self, which will tell you that your existence would not be, if not for Him.

You get to decide!


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