Identifying Unconscious Thoughts and Dealing with Them

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Dealing with the unconscious past, lost in that vast subconscious mind. Hidden so deep that it never rises to the level of consciousness. YET feelings (anger) and actions result when we are least expecting them.

At that moment of time, could you be having a reaction, some thought (blame), an emotion (sadness or depression), a strong desire (something self-satisfying), created by a trigger that you are totally unaware of?

These thoughts, emotions, or reactions are often times triggered by unconscious memories. The stories or the feelings created by the stories are more than likely part of what has been identified as the ego—that portion of the mind set aside to protect us.

It is impossible to deal with illusions or delusions, something that you cannot define. However, you can deal with situations in the moment as they arise.
The first step is to realize that you have taken an action. You reacted and became emotionally involved. What can you learn from those results?

Begin the process by not letting the EGO-driven thoughts or feelings overwhelm you.
Move to a problem-solving mode. Observe the results. What were you feeling? What actions were you involved in? Can you identify what brought the reaction about (the trigger)?

The first step in the process is to Learn! See if you can identify with the situation. Has it happened before? Review the results—could the outcome have been different?

Using the slight edge philosophy, you can institute a simple discipline in this moment, which will move you through and beyond what you are thinking, feeling, or reacting to in any particular moment.

Choose a new response, write it down, and institute it. Do it every time the trigger occurs. By doing so, you will create a new habit—one with positive possibilities. Doing is the second step in the process.

Change can and does occur in people's lives all the time. Observing the thinker is a place to start.
In order to overcome old ingrained habits, we must change our way of thinking. Reviewing and becoming mindful of our feelings and actions in each moment brings us to a new awareness. This Review is the third step in the process.

We must change our story! The fourth step is to put into effect any corrections to our behavior we deem necessary. We must become the change.

Now, repeat the process with the new changes. The whole process in not about perfection, it is about progress.

Earl Nightingale’s definition of Success:
“A Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal”

Let go of the past, it is always full of regrets. Try not to spend too much time in the future— the unknowns brings with it fear (False Expectations Appearing Real). Deal with what is in front of you in this moment in time. Being present in the moment and staying in the NOW is the key to a worry-free life.

A closed mind is a sickness that only surrender can overcome! Let go of being Right and of having all of the answers. Let go of the Pride that stops you from gaining knowledge and progressing towards a better life.

Make that surrender to something greater than you; surrender your life to God! Establish a relationship, build on that relationship, and experience the miracles that come with that relationship.

Together (with Learn, Do, Review, Correct, Repeat) i Can


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