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Your circumstances, your results, what's going on in your life, and the consequences you've created or received, both good and bad.


Conducting an honest evaluation of your life should develop a conscious awareness of ingrained habits you do automatically. If those habits empower you, make sure you continue to develop them.
However, if those habits are disabling, creating discord in your life, then jot them down and make a decision to eliminate them from your life.


Of who you are and how you act in different circumstances. Accept the good things and the bad things, the beauty, as well as the warts. If you are in the habit of always putting yourself down, calling yourself stupid, unworthy, or anything disabling, start accepting the beauty of you and the gifts you were given, with gratitude.


This is sometimes a very difficult mental state to accept. Many people have to become broken, hit bottom, become humiliated, before they develop the willingness to change.
It is said that you can have anything you want in life if you first develop the willingness to do what ever it takes. Normally we go through life putting restrictions on our willingness.


Developing the above four characteristics becomes meaningless without taking action. Hopefully, during the evaluation and the awareness stages, we will become aware of Simple Disciplines that we can practice that will take us to a higher level. It should also expose the Slight Errors in Judgment that we are utilizing every day to keep us at a lower level.
Acceptance gives us the ability to neutralize the disabling aspects of our lives and enhance the empowering aspects.
Without willingness, nothing will happen, nothing will change. However, even with willingness, unless we take action, nothing will happen, nothing will change.
It is only when we start taking small steps towards our goals, when we start to recognize positive feedback, that we will be enabled to change even more.


From Success to Significance

Your ability to succeed at anything in life depends upon your willingness to participate and change. 10 basic steps that project your success ratio.

I AM!!!


100% = I did

90% = I will

80% = I can

70% = I think I can

60% = I might

50% = I think I might

40% = What is it?

30% = I wish I could

20% = I don’t know how

10% = I can’t

0% = I won’t



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