It is difficult to get anywhere if all you know is the destination. You need a starting point, so that you will know in which direction, what steps you will utilize, to move you along the correct path, leading to your destination.

If you wanted to go to San Francisco, it would be nice to know whether you were starting in San Diego, CA. or Seattle, WA. Leaving San Diego in a northerly direction would get you there much sooner than if you left Seattle in a northerly direction.

If we are talking about a goal (destination) of optimal health, we must look at all aspects of what may be holding us back from getting it.

From a physical aspect, it could be that our BMI is over 25, we’ve been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol levels and are on several medications.

From a mental aspect, it just seems that nothing ever goes right for us. We need to realize that the habits of today, came from the programming of the past. An honest evaluation will give us some insight into some of the thinking patterns that may have to change.

In the Spiritual realm, it is difficult to develop faith and hope, unless we accept that there must be a power greater than ourselves in charge. Just evaluating our lives should indicate to us that we are infallible and will continue to make mistakes throughout the remainder of our lives.

Looking at where we are financially will allow us to develop a plan that won’t drag us down or put us in a position of failure before we start a process / journey.

“Together (with a “Starting Point”) i Can”


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