Sarcopenia – The loss of muscle mass as we age.
The effects—one pound of muscle is said to burn about 70 calories per day. As we age, we lose about one pound of muscle every year and replace it with fat.

Determining our Limits – At what point do we acknowledge the limits that nature and the natural aging process have in our lives.
Is there a point at which we can blame aging for our conditions? (Weight – body fat percentage)

Accepting limits – At what point along the age line does accepting limits become acceptable and wise? We can be old at 40 and young at 75. A lot depends on our health and outlook on life.

Should we ever truly accept limits or should we continue to challenge them no matter the age? How can we get better if we never challenge those limits?

Does challenging those restrictions include artificial means such as liposuction, cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement therapy, steroids, and testosterone? Do they help us in a meaningful way or are there more natural paths that we can choose from?

It is difficult to believe that we can attain Optimal Health through external chemical or other artificial means. Cosmetic surgery may change the outside, but the inside is what counts.
Listen to the advertisement on radio or TV, the commercials promoting drug solutions to cover symptoms that individuals are experiencing. Have you listened to the side effects? Those side effects are true for any un-natural chemical whether it be pharmaceutical or over the counter; they all have disastrous side effects. Those extreme side effects change the inside and have an effect on the outside.

Not only are there physical aspects to aging, there are also the mental aspects to be considered. Are these conditions avoidable, correctable, and preventable?

Whether it is Physical or Mental, the consensus of health professionals is, in most cases, that the answer is “Yes.” To prevent something from happening, you must take measures ahead of time to ward off the conditions that lead to a Dis-Eased state.

When you know you are making a Slight Error in Judgment

Ask yourself the question:
"Why am I rewarding myself with something that is in direct opposition to my goal?"

Just the consideration of this question can lead to behavior modification.

Knowing that smoking leads to all sorts of disabling conditions, why on earth would anyone continue to smoke, unless they are telling themselves lies about smoking?

Knowing that excess alcohol leads to a destroyed liver, why would anyone choose to continue to drink heavily, unless they are telling themselves lies about drinking?

Knowing that being overweight or obese will eventually lead to all sorts of disabling conditions, why would anyone continue to overeat, unless they are telling themselves lies about being overweight.

Knowing that certain chemicals (aluminum) are known to be associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s, why would anyone continue to slather those chemicals onto the body in the form of body lotions, shampoos, etc.?

Knowing that a lack of movement and becoming a couch potato leads to many degenerative conditions, why would anyone choose to cease active movement in their lives?

Typically, maturing (getting older) leads to slowing down, a decrease in motion, a lack of movement. This in turn leads to atrophy (muscle loss), discomfort, and some pain.
Get "Moving Release Techniques" (a DVD) from and bring movement and motion back into your life!

We can start the path to Optimal Health at any time we are ready to incorporate the changes and activities that lead down that path. Develop a list of Slight Edge Principles and incorporate Simple Disciplines into your life starting today.

Support along the way is extremely important. Find a Coach, Mentor, Sponsor—someone who can offer suggestion and advice as you tread the fine line to Optimal Health.

Together (with advice and knowledge) i Can


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