Developing Diligence, Vigilance and Discernment

Together (with Vigilance, Diligence and Discernment) i Can

Using diligence and discernment, a person can overcome procrastination, lack of willpower and automatic habitual choices.
Everyone must be Vigilant and recognize the automatics and make conscious decisions to reverse them.
We must learn to respond to situations instead of REACTING to triggers out of Habit.

Due diligencepaying attentionVigilance - knowing that a Simple Discipline means – making Good Choices
Slothfulness - Inattention – and allowing ourselves to make Slight Errors in Judgement

Everyone should take Responsibility for each Choice they choose to make or don’t make.

Discernmentevaluating a Situation – determining / discerning what might be a Simple Discipline or a Slight Error in Judgement in each and every situation we involve ourselves in.
We have the ability to make each and every choice, but sometimes refuse to make a decision and allow the choices to be made for us.

Every once in a while the choice we choose may have nothing to do with facts, but only about the attitude we have concerning a given situation.

dis•cern•ment (noun)
1. the faculty of discerning; discrimination; acuteness of judgment and understanding.

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