To develop our WHY's and to understand the Slight Edge Philosophy, it helps to acknowledge the YET's.

We convince ourselves that because we have no obvious or apparent disease in the present moment that we are healthy. The denial that we have nothing going on could be harmful to us and could even be deadly.

Where will our present experiences take us? What are the YET's we still have to experience? Are there indicators that we should be acknowledging today? We are today what we practiced yesterday and the days before.

What are some of the YET's we are experiencing today, that if we would've taken measures earlier (Simple Disciplines) in our lives to correct, we wouldn't be living in misery today?

How many knee or hip replacements could have been avoided?
Could we have avoided degenerative joint disease?
Could we have avoided having statins prescribed for our high cholesterol?
Could we have avoided type II diabetes?
Could we have avoided high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia?
Could we have avoided cardiovascular disease?
Could we have avoided developing gout?
Could we have avoided the migraines that we now experience?
Could we have avoided fatty liver disease?
Could we have avoided depression?
Could we have avoided sleep apnea?
Could we have avoided asthma?
Could we have avoided GERD, IBS and other intestinal problems?
Could we have avoided stress urinary incontinence?
Could we have improved our overall quality of life?
Could we have eliminated our need for multiple medications?

All of the above tie in to being overweight or obese!

We could add another list that smokers could avoid by quitting smoking.
Lung cancer heads the list.

We could add another list that heavy drinkers could avoid by avoiding alcohol.
Cirrhosis of the liver is at the top of the list.

Ask yourself, "If I had the choice, would I bring any of those things into my life?"
Know that by not making a conscious choice to avoid them, you are making a choice to experience them later in life. The coming of the YET's!

Avoid the YET’s by incorporating Slight Edge into your life on a daily basis.
Practice Simple Disciplines—minor changes that have a profound positive effect over a long period of time.
Avoid Slight Errors in Judgment that will have the same profound effect over a long period of time, only this time the effects will be negative.

No matter the condition, no matter how old you are, Slight Edge, used properly, will lead to a better life experience. Make implementing Simple Disciplines a habit.

It is you who have responsibility for making those choices, whether they are Simple Disciplines or Slight Errors in Judgment.

It is you who gets to determine whether something is working for you or working against you.

If you are at the point where you are gaining just a few extra pounds every year, know that the choices you are making are working against you.

Our senior years are meant to be enjoyed, not racked with aches, pains and misery.
The choices you make today will have a profound effect on how you will experience those years ahead of you.

Yet’s – Something futuristic that you can come to expect to happen if you continue doing the same things over and over. Percentages are great that the consequences of our actions will occur, given enough time. These yet's can be to our benefit or cause us problems.

The ones that cause us problems (Slight Error in Judgement) should be the ones that concern us the most.


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