Where it begins – The starting point

Everything began or begins with a thought! That thought is normally a conscious wish or a desire for something in the future. It can also be an unconscious thought buried deep in the subconscious mind. A problem exists, if we don’t recognize where we are in this moment of time, we may head off in the wrong direction, attempting to reach that new destination.

Some people are like the hiker who wanders off the path and gets lost. They don’t know which direction they should go to get back to civilization. Many wander around in circles, becoming more and more disorientated.

Starting where we are. Even if we are lost and alone, we need to stop and evaluate our situation. Some individuals find themselves stranded on Donner Pass in the middle of winter and give up, thinking that they are doomed. Others find themselves in predicaments that they perceive unsolvable.

My belief, “Our best thinking got us to where we are today and if our thinking doesn’t change, then we will continue to get what we always got.” The problem arises when all we do is attempt to change our thinking, without acknowledging the stinkin-thinking that got us there in the first place. Affirmations come to mind.

Starting where we are. Where you are financially? Do you allow an unhealthy financial situation to determine your path to health? Do you allow an abundance of wealth to supply you with things that destroy your health?

When it comes to your health, where do you stand? Are you taking drugs, OTC, prescribed or otherwise? Do you allow your taste buds to make choices for you?

When it comes to your mental or emotional health, where do you stand? Do you have anxieties and worry a lot? Are there times when you feel depressed and unloved?

How do see your spiritual life unfolding? Do you see yourself as part of God’s creation or as an individual struggling to make it in this life? Do you listen for God’s wisdom and guidance, or do you allow Self and Ego to rule your life?

When we attempt to do a honest life evaluation we must release all attempts at justifying why and where we have ended up. Every decision or non-decision we have ever had, has produced consequences, that have led us to where we now are. We must not see ourselves as victims or blame others or circumstances. We are where we are and via acceptance, accept our current reality.

It is very important to use mindfulness during the evaluation of our current status. Mindfulness – becoming aware – living in the NOW! The Present! The answer to overcoming the regret of the past and the fear of the future is to bring ourselves into the NOW. You can’t be mindful in the future. How can you be mindful of something that is yet to happen?
You can’t be mindful in the past. The past is a done deal. You may reflect on the past, but being mindful is impossible.

Mindfulness can only happen in the PRESENT!

Putting it all together – give yourself a visual chart or journal

1. # 1 Health Habit: We did an honest evaluation and determined where we were at in this present moment in time. At this moment, we are talking about your health because without it, power, fame, and fortune are worthless.

There are various ways of displaying those decisions we have made:
1. Vision boards (treasure maps)
2. Journal entries
3. At the bottom of a page – list your characteristics

Your self-evaluation is the beginning of the process, your journey. After defining where we are, we will then visualize where it is that we would like to end up. What we don’t want to do is get the cart before the horse and begin by planning what we want first.

It said that there are two paths in life:
1. One requires staying with the journey and leads to fulfillment.
2. The other, quitting, which will always lead to regret.

If you know where you are starting from, it will allow you to monitor your progress.

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