Micro-Habits are those practices that will ultimately “over time”, enhance one or more of the Macro-Habits of health.

1. Healthy Weight Management
2. Healthy Eating and Hydration
3. Healthy Motion
4. Healthy Rest / Sleep
5. Healthy Mind
6. Healthy Surroundings / Community

A lot of confusion seems to surround a person’s ability to obtain Optimal Health. Many believe that it takes major difficult life changes and that is not necessarily true.

This whole process might need to start with developing a health mind set. A micro-habit of focusing on a positive outcome and not on what you don’t want is important.

I don’t want to be overweight, therefore I desire to lose weight is not really focusing on what you want. That statement puts the emphasis on “overweightness.”

I desire optimal health and will lose weight to help achieve that goal, would be a better way of stating the issue.

The beginning process always involves developing a substantial reason (a “WHY”) for attempting to do something different and rewarding for yourself.

If a person decides to lose weight because of a wedding or other function, their motivation won’t be as strong as someone who desires to lose weight so that they can become healthier. (develop healthy weight management habits).

Establishing a good functional “why” then may be considered a micro-habit supporting the “macro-habit” of losing weight.

Another micro-habit leading one towards losing weight might be establishing ways of developing portion control over the long term. One may have to throw out the big bowls and the twelve-inch plates and bring in something smaller.
Of course, then a new micro-habit of allowing only one serving per fueling, no seconds, may need to be established.

Gaining knowledge as to foods to choose and foods to ignore, could be considered a micro-habit. Always knowing and keeping the glycemic factor of foods you are consuming in mind is a micro-habit.

Food combining! Knowing what foods and the portions of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats the body needs daily is extremely important. Calories in versus calories expended will show up on the scale daily.

How often one eats plays a tremendous role in the bodies ability to gain or lose weight. A person eating a small (protein and carb – 120 calorie fueling) every two and one-half hours, will find it much easier to lose weight than someone who eats three meals a day plus a snack or two. Eating every two and one-half hours could be considered a micro-habit.

Each of the Macro-Habits listed will have a list of micro-habits that will assist in making the Macro-Habit achievable.

Healthy Eating – Making one-half of each fueling protein and one-half carbs. Fifteen to eighteen grams of each at every fueling.
Healthy Eating – eating five fuelings and one lean and green meal each day.
Healthy Hydration – logging the amount of water you drink each day. Eight / eight ounce glasses of water a day at a minimum.
Healthy Motion – logging the amount of steps you achieve daily.
Rest and Sleep – having a regular going to bed time every night.
Health Mind – reading something positive daily.
Healthy Surroundings – developing new friendships that promote and support what it is you are attempting to accomplish.

These are just a few of the suggested micro-habits someone might incorporate into their lives.

Make a list of your own. Add to that list as often as you can.

Together (with my micro-habits) i Can attain my health goals!


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