As someone who has experienced an addiction, through hindsight, I can say that it seemed like I had a hole in my gut that I could never fill.

I don’t know what other expression to use!
No matter what I tried that was external to me, the satisfaction, was short lived and only lasted for a short period of time.
Alcohol, drugs, food, fast cars, flying, exercise and sex, nothing seemed fill that emptiness and any satisfaction I received never lasted for very long.

It is said that a craving “satisfied” is bound to repeat itself.
The logic behind that, says that if we give into the craving, then we reinforce the craving by satisfying it. The craving then demands more of the same.
By the same token if we stop and challenge the craving and then make a conscious decision to continue with an error in judgment, we are progressing towards a new way of thinking. We are making a conscious decision to challenge our thinking, rather than allowing it to happen because of habit.

However, trying to overcome any addiction using willpower, seems also not to last for a very long time.

At some point our forgetters kick in and we seem to slip back into a realm of denial.
We stop telling ourselves that we have a problem and start telling ourselves that we are in control and can handle whatever that craving was. We have a disease that tells us that we don’t have the disease.

At some point after making that decision, the old habits, kick back in and become stronger than they were before.

The program that I became part of has shown me that it takes more than willpower. It suggests that it takes a spiritual awareness in order to change. It takes something greater than ourselves to actually remove the obsession or craving.

In his book: “Power vs Force” David Hawkins alludes to the fact that force is associated with ego and fights against something, whereas power flows. Power allows everyone a freedom to choose.

That said, in order to turn our issues over to something greater than us, it calls for us to surrender our will. Giving up, letting go, giving up the battle, seems to be an oxymoron, but it eliminates force and allows power to flow freely through us.

How can we, by letting go, succeed in overcoming something? Letting go Moves a person from I won’t too I did and I AM.

Moving From Success to Significance

Your ability to succeed at anything in life depends upon your willingness to participate and change. 10 basic steps that project your success ratio.

I AM!!!!

100% = I did
90% = I will
80% = I can
70% = I think I can
60% = I might
50% = I think I might
40% = What is it?
30% = I wish I could
20% = I don’t know how
10% = I can’t
0% = I won’t

It happens, because we allow something greater than ourselves, to become active in our lives, and provide us with something that we cannot provide for ourselves. By establishing a relationship and then building on that relationship, we can allow improvement, strength, peace, and serenity to become part of our lives.

I have a book titled: “The Ultimate Secret to Getting Absolutely Everything You Want” by Mike Hernacki
That secret, as I understand it is, “become willing to do whatever it takes”. He also adds that once you become willing to do everything, chances are you won’t have to!

Together (by surrendering) i Can


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