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We know what we know, we know what we don’t know.
We don’t know what we know (subconscious beliefs and habits), and we don’t know what we don’t know.

Much of the information carried in the unconscious or subconscious mind is often not recognized by the conscious mind. Our values become one of those beliefs that are buried within the subconscious. Our values are typically established during our childhood and become so habitual that we turn how we live, over to those subconscious beliefs. Establishing those values back to our consciousness allows us to make better life decisions.

The basic values you live by become your “need values.”

The first step is to discover who you are is to discover the values you hold in your subconscious mind.

What drives you? What do you really want out of life? What values do you consistently try to live by? What really motivates you? What is it that’s most important to you in your life?

What drives you is many times buried so deep in the sub-conscious mind that we tend to react to situations, rather than respond in a responsible manner.

Many people when asked what they value, answer (Money) but is it really money they really want or is it what money provides: security, freedom, power, or whatever they think money will give them.

Understanding what you really value gives clarity to your actions. Values are what give you power over your destiny. Values are what the brain uses to determine whether something is worth doing or not. The only way to ever be fulfilled in life is to continually move towards your most important values. These Needs Values are the things that are so important to you that all the other successes in the world won’t make you happy if these your basic need values aren’t included in your life.

The first step in discovering your values is a simple thing to do.
We start by asking a question: And then plug various words into that sentence.


Is ____________________ essential for a meaningful life?

Just plug in a word / value from the list provided. If the answer is yes, then on a separate sheet, list it as one of your essential values.

After we have completed our overall list, we will then single out the Five or Six values that are so meaningful and important to you that they’ve actually become needs. This understanding about yourself could mean the difference between a lifetime of success or a lifetime of mediocrity. The top five values will be the blueprint of your behavior. They have guided you to the spouse and friends you have, the career you’ve chosen, where you live, and maybe even what you drive.

Power is found in knowing your highest values and consciously making your choices based on them, instead of being unconsciously pulled toward something, without your knowing why.

Millions of people are swept along with the current, sweeping them downstream, and fail to live the life of their dreams. They do so, year after year, simply because they don’t understand the building blocks of their own behavior: Values.

Values chart

Integrity Authentic Honesty Passionate Cooperative Love Health Spiritual Energetic Conforming Intelligence Enthusiastic Professional Purposeful Success Wealth Power Freedom Independence Trust Survival Commitment Teamwork Generosity Romance Perfection Education Coaching Learning Excellence Authority Responsibility Obedience Discipline Kindness Affection Justice Service Persistence Pleasure Courage Vision Intuition Empathy Equality Faith Humility Power Security Pride Reliability Strength Support Peace Adventure Achievement Respect Beauty Openness Unity Family Sharing Synchronicity Drive Caring Abundance Truth Humor Fun Accountable

After we have established our list of what we feel is important to us, we will begin narrowing the list down by comparing one value to the rest.

Is what we have listed number one, more valuable to us than the remaining list. Then take number two and compare it the remaining list. Continue narrowing it down until you have only five, possibly six remaining. Those will be the ones driving your life.

Once you have those values established in your conscious mind, you can then begin asking the question: “Does the action I am about to take, enforce the values I hold?”

Together (with My Values established) i Can


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