A progressive realization of a Worthy Ideal

Coined by Earl Nightingale in 1959, after 17 years of research.

Progressive = Continuous / Smooth
Realization = Coming to fruition
Worthy = Worthwhile / something you would stake your life on.
Ideal = Your Perfect Dream / an Idea that you are in love with.

Higher Self Question? Is what I’m about to do, going to bring me peace.
If the answer is YES, then we can say we are dealing with the higher self.
If the answer is NO, then we can say we are dealing with the EGO.

EGO desires normally create turmoil.

The opposite of Together I Can is separateness

1st theory of Nature is that the Universe is a Monarchy, GOD is a Boss, and we are the subjects. We are separate and cannot be trusted. We are looking for dividends from GOD outside ourselves.

puzzle questions

Everything in your material world is a manifestation of what’s taking place in your mind.

There are 2 sources for information – Science and Theology — Both agree that nothing can be created or destroyed. Which if that is the case, then everything that we will ever need is already here. It must be Awareness that we are lacking and seeking.

Our purpose then, must be to raise our level of consciousness. Develop a relationship with God and ultimately become aware of that oneness with GOD. You already have everything, just develop the awareness of how to enjoy it.


You think with your brain, but your brain won’t think. Your body is a manifestation of an activity called MIND. When we get sick — pop a pill, — cut something out, we are not going after the problem or cause. We are just treating the symptom.
Example: Car warning light – when it comes on do we go to our auto mechanic and have him remove it. Of course not, we have him check for a problem.
When we have a pain, we do go to a doctor for some Motrin, Imitrex, — a tumor, just have him cut it out.
Do we ever ask ourselves, WHY IS IT THERE?
Pain is a signal that there is something wrong in your motor.


There is a power within you that is far superior to — that can overcome — that can out do — any Condition or Circumstance around you.

Your thoughts direct this power to achieve any result you choose in your lifetime.
Senses – See, Hear, Feel, Taste, Touch

When an individual truly understands that, they will never blame anyone else for what they are now doing.

They are going to take responsibility because it was their choice.

No person or circumstance can cause you to think about thoughts or ideas that you do not choose.

The thoughts you choose eventually determining the results in your life.

We do become what we think about.

All pain / pleasure is either created by the conscious mind or accepted uncritically from an outside source.

As you accept a thought it drives into the subconscious and becomes part to the personality — a habit — a belief.

The conscious mind is the part of you that thinks — reasons — and makes choices. Free Will lies here.
This is the part of the mind that will decide the CHANGES required that will allow us to live the type of life you really want to experience.

Why do people continue to smoke after becoming aware of the danger?
Why do people continue to drink or allow their children to drink Pepsi, or Coke, after finding out that they contain about 11 teaspoons of sugar in each can?
The Ideas that have been fixed in your subconscious mind through repetition or impact form your conditioning. Often referred to as you paradigm and in turn typically create a Reaction when triggered.

The subconscious mind is located and functions in every cell of your body.

Every thought your conscious mind accepts, your subconscious must also accept. It has no ability to reject.

The conscious mind reasons, inductive and deductive. The subconscious operates strictly deductively — it only has the ability to accept.

The subconscious mind is the Emotional Mind – the Orderly Mind, - Expressing itself through you in Feelings and Actions.

Any thought you consciously choose to impress over and over on the subconscious becomes fixed in this part of your personality.

Once fixed these Ideas will then continually express themselves, without any conscious assistance, over and over again until they become habits.

Collective habits are referred to as the conditioned mind or paradigm.

Most of your behavior is habitual – getting dressed, - brushing your teeth, - Driving a car.

The subconscious mind is referred to as the spiritual side of your personality and is thought to be part of the universal mind. It is sometimes referred to as the memories of the heart.

It knows no limits except those that the conscious mind places upon it.

Dr. Joseph Murphy — BOOK — Power of the Subconscious Mind.

Look at your body — hold up your hand. — looks solid — look at it under an electronic microscope and it would become a glimmering, shimmering, glistening, radiating, glowing form

Your body is a mass of ENERGY, at a high rate or speed of vibration.

The thoughts or images constantly chosen and impressed upon the subconscious which is in every cell of your body, must move your body into action.

Attitude is a composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions, which in turn produce your results.

Thoughts are: an Activity of the Conscious Mind.
Feelings are: an Activity of the Subconscious Mind.
Action is: an Activity of the Body.

Senses are the input for the energy flowing into the conscious. You have the ability to choose what you desire to focus on.

When input/sensory awareness comes into the consciousness we can choose any idea we want.

Actually, what we choose is a picture that most closely resembles the input.

This is because we think in pictures. You get to choose whether it’s a good picture or a bad picture.

Imagine picking up a newspaper and reading it. The newspaper is nothing more than a mass of suggestions and generally pretty negative ones, so the pictures you get probably wouldn’t be very good.

Pick up a inspirational book, one that will teach you something of value about yourself.

A book is a picture painted in words. When ideas come into the consciousness we create images and turn them over to the subconscious mind. That is the feeling mind. The Idea that you turn over will dictate the vibratory state of the body.
Death in the family
Winning the Lotto

Whatever is impressed, must be expressed. The idea is expressed through the body in action. Your actions cause a reaction, it’s the actions / reactions that alter the Conditions, the Circumstances, and your Environment.

C – C – E — Conditions, Circumstances, Environment — all add up and spell RESULTS.

What is it you want to change in your life? — Isn’t it the results?

You may be overweight (over-fat) and underpaid.
Better Job or work less hours.
Perhaps a Health Challenge
Change how you feel, Physically / Emotionally
Change Relationships.
What do you want? This is where it starts.

If your results are going to change your, conditions, circumstances, and environment must change.

In order for your C, - C, - E. to change you must get into new ACTIONS.
In order for new action to happen you must have different thoughts, which will create different feelings, which set up new actions!
It’s really very basic.

Programming and Habits — A BABY— an individual without its conscious facilities developed will accept most anything. Its subconscious is wide open for programming.
A baby has no ability to reject because of what it hasn’t learned. It has no verbal skills, no motor skill to stay balanced so it can walk. Most learning, in the first 5 years of life are on the emotional side of learning.

Those beliefs and habits are carried forward into adulthood. It doesn’t mean we can’t change. We just must become aware of what we desire to change.


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