No one can motivate you to change except you!
Success boils down to intrinsic, internal motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within.

Many believe that you only have to make a mental decision in order for something to happen. If it is only mental, only intellectual, then the chances of success are slim. Just because you know how, and know you should, doesn't mean you will. If you're not ready nothing will happen. If you haven’t defined the “WHY” you are doing something, the plan will have very little passion behind it.

You must identify unhealthy habits. If you're not conscious of them they will continue. Mindfulness is an important component of change. Without it we continue to plod along the same path, doing the same things.

It is much easier to make small incremental changes than trying to jump to perfection in one fell swoop.

Every day the choices you make will take you closer to dis-ease or closer to optimal health. The thing that you must realize is that you make those choices.
What we eat, what we drink, how we sleep, how we move, how we handle stress- each of these will lead us in One Direction or the other. We are either moving towards health or away from it!

1. Develop an awareness of a need. Without awareness or recognition nothing will ever take place. To develop an awareness of our true circumstances we must first initiate an honest evaluation of what is going on in our lives. Observe the results you are achieving – Spiritually, mentally, and physically and possibly financially. Are the consequences in your life the ones you truly desire? It must be understood that the consequences in your life, whether good or bad, are a result of your thoughts, beliefs, and choices.

2. Acceptance of that need, that change is required in order to modify the results you are now experiencing. You must have acceptance of who you are, and how you act in different circumstances. Accept the good things, and the bad things, the beauty as well as the warts. If you are in the habit of always putting yourself down, calling yourself stupid, unworthy or anything disabling, start accepting the beauty of you and the gifts you were given, with gratitude.

3. We must become willing to make a change. It takes an alignment of both the conscious and unconscious minds in order for true willingness to manifest. This is sometimes a very difficult mental state to accept. Many people have to become broken, hit bottom, become humiliated, before they develop the willingness to change.
It is said that you can have anything you want in life if you first develop the willingness to do what ever it takes. Normally we go through life putting restrictions on our willingness.

4. We must then start constructing a plan of action. We must give some thought as to what steps will it require for us to manifest the change we desire. It takes knowing where we are in life and then defining what it is we desire. The space between where we are and where we want to be, requires being filled with the steps required to get us there. As long as any one of those steps remain unfulfilled, there will be some tension, some dissatisfaction in our lives. This dissatisfaction can only be removed by either accomplishing the step or by giving up and quitting entirely.

5. Of course we must then take action on our plan. The above four characteristics, become meaningless and a total waste of time unless we take action. Hopefully, during the evaluation and the awareness stages we will become aware of the Simple Disciplines that we can practice, that will take us that next level. It should also bring to light and expose the Slight Errors in Judgment that we are utilizing every day to keep us at a lower level.
Acceptance gives us the ability to neutralize the disabling aspects of our lives and enhances the empowering aspects.
Without willingness, nothing will happen, nothing will change. However, even with willingness unless we take action, nothing will happen, nothing will change.
It is only when we start taking small steps towards our goals, when we start to recognize some positive feedback, which will then, enable us to change even more.

6. Review your action, implement any changes that will make the process easier. Most individuals who do strategic planning know that no plan is perfect when first conceived. When you make the plans, expect to meet with challenges and be ready to implement some detours. In other words, we want to plan, do, review, and repeat the process with required changes.

7. Practice moves one towards perfection. The idea to implement is progress over perfection. The steps we’ve chosen (Simple Disciplines) will require repeating, until the change has been incorporated and becomes a lifestyle.

8. Repeat the practice until it becomes a habit – then you will be able to continue the journey semi-automatically.

Skip any of the steps and the chance of real success becomes less and less.

When the desire moves from the intellectual (Brain and Mind) and is joined with the heart center (passion) the chances of success become greater.

When the intellect is joined with the heart and then moves to the gut, the power center, then your chances of succeeding are almost 100%.

Know it in your mind, feel it in your heart, and process it in the gut to really make it happen.

Success in any endeavor will happen when you are really ready to change.

Keep a journal. Keep awareness in the forefront of your thinking. Identifying old and new triggers is important. By journaling feelings, you become more aware of what are the disabling issues in your life.

Optimal health is not a destination. Optimal health is a continuing journey, something that you can never really attain. It will always be one step above you. As you experience the next level of health, you’ll come to recognize that there is another level above it.

Together (with my micro-habits) i Can attain my health goals!


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