The motivational factor in your life, comes from your WHY!

Your wishes, desires, dreams remain just those, until you add why you want to make them happen. Want to lose weight? It takes more than a New Year’s resolution. Do you want to have financial security for you and your family? It takes more than a lottery ticket. Do you desire to be happy, joyous, and free? It takes more than getting all your material desires met to have those emotional experiences.

Many people begin the new year, making plans, setting goals, thinking only about what those accomplishments will bring them. Frivolous, Oh, I would like that, type of thinking does not necessarily manifest “things”.

We must ask ourselves, if I do this, that, or the other thing, what will it bring me?

A person’s “Why” should be a worthy ideal that has some permanence.
I want to lose weight so I can fit into some clothes for a prom, dance, wedding. That “why” might work as a short time solution, but typically once the goal is reached, the “why” disappears and we revert back to our old habits.
However, saying “I desire to lose weight so that I can attain Optimal Health,” can be a lifetime “why”. PS, weight loss becomes part of Optimal Health.

I want to make money so that I can purchase a new Viper, Z06 Corvette, a Motorhome, develops nothing more than a temporary “why”.
I desire to increase my wealth so that I can provide financial freedom, for myself and my family, is a “why” that will be long lasting. Owing a special vehicle can be a part of that financial freedom.

I desire to become a more loving, spiritual person, so more people will like me. Making yourself conform to something you are not, will not bring that nature into your live.
Praying for God’s guidance and help so that I can become a more loving, Spiritual person, would possibly be more long lasting.

I believe that anything the body creates, it can un-create.

The caveat seems to be "if we catch it in time." (Perfecting the Art of Prevention)
If our awareness kicks in soon enough and we take the appropriate steps to bring balance to the body most physical maladies can be reversed.
It is when we ignore the insignificant small indicators in the beginning stages and allow the malady to increase to a level where it becomes difficult to treat.

So what are the advantages of having health?
Health provides us the opportunity to contribute back to society, help others, and allow us to do meaningful work.
Health allows us to roll around on the floor with the kids and still get back up.
Health allows us to take walks along the ocean or in the mountains.
Health allows us to go dancing.
Health provides us with the ability to be ourselves, to stand up and stand out.

Will preventative measures prevent all dis-ease?
Probably not! However, if we continue to focus on benefits and blessings, we will continue to enforce our “WHY’s”.

However, developing preventive measures, increases the odds, the chances that we can have a more productive, joyful, peaceful and serene life.

Practicing Habits of Health is no more difficult than practicing Habits of Dis-ease.
Practicing Simple Disciplines is no more difficult than practicing Slight Errors in Judgment. The answer is contained in the “Why” of what we have chosen.

Even though it sometimes seems easier and more pleasant in the moment to use half measures, the pain in the long run is never worth it.
Somehow, we have to get beyond the satisfaction of instant gratification and consider the benefits of delayed gratification.

Instant Gratification is short term gain, leading to long term pain.
Delayed Gratification is short term pain, leading to long term gain.

Know Your WHY!

Together (with my WHY defined) i Can


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