Putting it all together – giving yourself a visual.

  • #1 Health Habit: We did an honest evaluation and determined where we were at, in this present moment in time. At this moment we are talking about your health because without it power, fame and fortune are worthless.

  • #2 Health Habit: We decided where we would like to end up, where our journey would take us. Hopefully you have decided that Optimal Health is your goal. That being, to attain the best health possible for you in any given situation.

  • #3 Health Habit: We spent some time reflecting on why this journey would be good for us. Contemplating our "WHY's" gives us perspective, passion and motivation as we strive to reach our goal

  • #4 Health Habit: We accepted the Slight Edge Philosophy as a way, a method, we could implement, which would keep us on the path of accomplishing our goal. We have accepted that practicing Simple Disciplines will get us farther then practicing Slight Errors in Judgment.

There are various ways of displaying those decisions we have made.

  1. Vision boards
  2. Structural Tension Charts

#5 Health Habit: A Structural Tension Chart can be completed on an 8 1/2 sheet of paper.

  1. At the very bottom write down precisely “your current reality.” This would refer to step one, "starting where we are."
  2. At the very top of the page put down your goal or vision what is it you want to accomplish. What end result do you desire.
  3. The space or gap, between your current reality and what you really desire should and will create some tension in your life. Use the space to list the steps that may be required to get you to your goal.

That space or gap, and tension it creates can be eliminated in one of two ways.

  1. By completing the steps, making detours when required, and continuing on the journey.
  2. By giving up and quitting.

It said that there are two paths in life.

  1. One requires staying with the journey and leads to fulfillment.
  2. The other, quitting, which will always lead to regret.

If on the days that life seems impossible, that you will never accomplish your desires, then go back to step three and look at your "WHY."

If your "WHY" is big enough you will never quit and the how-to's will just seem to fall into place.

Take the time, develop your Structural Tension Chart, and begin your journey of success.

Earl Nightingale, his definition of success:

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

My question for you: "is obtaining and having optimal health a worthy ideal for you?"

If so, let's get together and begin the journey!


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Yours in Opulence,
Michael McCright
May 15, 2016
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