A spur of the moment decision is not what anyone should base long-term planning on.

To ensure success we should have a plan. The most successful plans are made by gathering information, obtaining knowledge, and setting in place a step-by-step procedure to assist you in obtaining your goal. As your passion increases, be ready to modify your plan. No original plan will ever have the foresight to see the pitfalls that may happen while you're on the journey. Be ready for change.

Losing weight for health reasons is a respectable goal. Losing weight for vanity reasons is not. A good goal should be based on personal desires, not on something someone else desires for you.

Desire turns into commitment, which in turn leads to perseverance. Desire is what turns on the power behind Will–Power. The greater the desire, the more patience we can be about a process, the more successful we will be.

Desire comes from the reasons that stand behind the goal. Listing or journaling your reasons, reading them twice a day, morning and evening, can anchor them fully.

The more powerful and legitimate the reason for doing something, the more the intense the created passion will be that will stand behind accomplishing the task.

As we are in the process, we should continue to gather information to support our original plan. We should continue to add to our journal, those things that support our Why.

  • Join a team that will assist in keeping the hot fire of desire burning. Together (with coaching) i can.

The How, becomes very easy once we know the Why.

  • Take time to develop your Why and continue to intensify it while on the journey.

May you be blessed with the desire (The Passion) required to accomplish what you have set out to accomplish.


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Yours in Opulence,
Michael McCright
July 14, 2015
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