Two questions that are often asked concerning success:

  1. What does success really mean?
  2. When will I know that I'm successful?

Earl Nightingale's definition of success:

Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Progressive meaning to move forward, that can mean, two steps forward and one step back, it's the progression that counts.

Realization, something coming into being.

Worthy, something that has value that you alone get to define.

Ideal, something that is beneficial.

Many people believe that success is having a great amount of wealth (money).

Others believe that it is power over others, (authority).

Others believe that it is only when you achieve fame, (status in life).

Confusion reigns!

When we compare ourselves to others, success is difficult to obtain. Someone or something is always going to be more or have more.

However, when we bring the responsibility back to us, when we look at our achievements, are they valuable (to us or others) and do they provide something beneficial, if so you are successful, using Earl Nightingale's definition.

There are times when we don't choose the endeavors, the endeavors choose us. It is during these times that we must stop, honestly evaluate what we're doing (challenge ourselves), and choose to continue or discontinue the endeavor.

The question must always be asked, is this (what I'm doing) a worthy ideal that I want to have a progressive realization of?

May you be blessed with the gift of discernment, that of being able to evaluate and choose.


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