What is it you want to be, to do, or to have?

If you don't decide then the world will decide for you. This is similar to a rudderless ship on the ocean, being pushed or shoved in any direction that the currents or the waves compel.

At some point we may have decided that we wanted wealth, and power. Little knowing the sacrifices that we would be compelled to make. We cut back on sleep time, and our diet consisted of fast foods and of restaurant dining. The fast paced life put stress on us and our families, which we ignored. We may have added in smoking, and drinking, so that we could fit in with the crowd.

In the end we may have attained our goal but chances are we sacrificed our health.

It is nice to have money and it feels good to be respected by others. However, if we have sacrificed our health in reaching those lofty goals, our ability to enjoy those things will be almost impossible.

The Bible said it first:

The fruits of the Spirit are; love, joy, peace, and serenity. We obtain those things when we are healthy, not when we are sick and despondent.

My suggestion, is that the first choice for a destination for your life, would be Optimal Health. If we maintain our health all other things are within our reach. Without our health, we may attain those goals, but it will be difficult to enjoy them.

There are many health factors involved in gaining and maintaining optimal health.

1. Our diet should be such that we maintain a healthy BMI. (19 to 24.9)

2. We should attempt to get eight solid hours of sleep every night.

3. We should drink half of our weight in ounces of water every day.

4. A healthy spiritual program can be a positive force in our lives.

5. A healthy exercise program to maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

6. Complete, deep breathing, will provide relaxation as well as extra energy to the body.

7. Good posture will lead to less wear and tear on every joint in the body.

8. Keeping an open mind, gaining knowledge, and becoming educated as to what is good for you and what is detrimental.

You are a work in progress that needs a lot of raw materials. Ask yourself, where are they coming from? How well are you processing them?


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Yours in Opulence,
Michael McCright
August 21, 2015
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P.S. - The first Health Habit was an honest evaluation in determining where you are today. Use the above list, evaluate how well you're doing in maintaining and enhancing your health, right now!

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