Give up on gimmicks and tricks and instant gratification.

The idea that struggle and working hard are bad, may be a misconception, leading to many false beliefs.

If you help a butterfly out of the cocoon it will soon writher and die, it needs the struggle in order to transform.

If you help a young chick or bird escape from the egg it will be weakened and may not make it.

Struggle helps them grow stronger why would it not do the same for us.

There is an old saying that says practice makes perfect. Why are we not instantly endowed with a capability and then have it forever. Why do we have to practice in order to get better?

Different people have different gifts and talents but those talents and gifts must be honed to become better.

The Bible says: "that steel sharpens steel."

Challenges should be looked on as opportunities not disasters. The question should always be, what blessing will I receive as I work through this? How can I grow, how will this make me better?

We must in some way understand and accept, that we are the creator of most of those problems / challenges. Some people will say that they are nothing more than the consequences of our actions.

Taking responsibility for where we are in life, can sometimes be difficult. But we must understand that the only constant in life is change. Making change difficult, makes our lives difficult.

We must accept the fact, that our comfort zone, is not always the best place to be. We must adjust our thinking so we are looking for long-term solutions rather than instant answers. It is best to make it long term plans, without planning the expectations, exactly how that plan must turn out.

May you be blessed with flexibility of being able to change, as your plans change!


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Yours in Opulence,
Michael McCright
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