How can we build up or increase our own spiritual health?

How can we evaluate someone's Spiritual health?

Can it be based on the "character" they exhibit?

Are they honest in their endeavors, in their word as well as their deed? In all things do they show integrity? Do they exhibit the characteristic of love to everyone in all things that they do?

Where do we get the impetus, to do the right thing?

Spirituality is invisible and faith is something unmeasurable.

To define spirituality we must first define what we are talking about. In this article we will define "spirit or Spirit" as that which fills a person's soul. It is that invisible characteristic that helps define a person and makes them who they are.

If we look at human nature, most will concede that there is duality in the world. From this we can probably conclude that there are good and evil spirits. Human nature as such will contain a little of both. Hence, the Bibles conclusion, that there will always be a war between the Spirit and the flesh.

I happen to believe that goodness and love, come from God. He, being the creator and the supplier of both goodness and love. If that is the case then it stands to reason that the better our relationship with Him is, the more goodness and love will rub off on us.

If it turns out that God is not the supplier of goodness and love, then you must define where it comes from and establish a relationship with that source.

May you be blessed with the ability to discern!


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Yours in Opulence,
Michael McCright
July 15, 2015
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