Recognizing the Authentic Self

Our past – our thoughts and deeds – in reality represent who we have become.


Not who we actually are.

Two selves exist in each individual - the Bible calls one-self, flesh and the other spirit.

I like to think as one self as being EGO or the false self, which one could relate to the flesh.

The other would be the Authentic Self, the real you, which one could relate to Spirit.

The authentic self is an asset to others, designed by God, it is pure and holy.

The EGO, or false self is critical, it belittles itself and is always finding fault, which creates guilt and remorse. It is a way of life that is based on the beliefs of others, what you have been taught (their rights and their wrongs) dictate your life choices.

Ego self-lives in a state where life is always a burden seldom an asset. The EGO turns itself into an asset, when it believes that it can get something out of the situation.

It is almost impossible to find the Authentic Self in the past. This is where blame is the main motivator. The ego loves blame and regret!

It is impossible to find the Authentic Self in the future. The future has not happened, it is totally illusion. Anything you think you may become in the future has not yet come to pass, therefore, it is also an illusion.

The Authentic Self can only be found in this present moment. This instant!

When we honestly recognize that we are human, that we are flawed, that we are mistake prone individuals, it is at that time that we have taken the first step towards becoming authentic.

It is a well-known fact that what we resist will persist. What we except can be changed.
Force, fighting, resistance only makes the journey more difficult

Surrender opens the door for change.
Surrender begins with the awareness.

What must we surrender? Our ego! We must let go of that committee in our head that is constantly telling us how bad we are


It tells us we are so much better (narcissistic) than others

The Authentic Self, surrenders and accepts that all humanity is equal but with different gifts.
The individual gifts we have make us unique but not special. Gifts are given that we may assist others.
Hopefully we can help them acquire their Authentic Self.

A worthwhile goal for everyone may be: becoming more conscious, more aware of the Authentic You and differentiating out the false self or EGO

Is it in your best interest to be ego driven, desiring fleshly things? (Prestige, power and wealth)


If it is in the best interest of God's kingdom, then we might say it is Spirit driven and you are coming closer to acquiring you're Authentic Self.

The Authentic Self – what you were designed to be.
The false self - what you have been taught to be. You / the EGO makes the determination as to what's best for you.

Allow the Authentic Self to be a witness of your thoughts and emotions. The Authentic Self will either accept your thoughts as they exist in the present moment or it will make changes to modify them in your best interests.

While observing, if you become conscious of any unrest, tension, resentments, if you are nervous or uneasy – chances are the past is asserting itself.

If you can bring that distraction into the present moment – identify (if you can) the cause. (It's probably an unconscious thought)

Step one – do you want to accept the cause (the reason) and let it go. Do so now! (This is not a shoving it to the back of the bus, ignoring it or being in denial).

Using discernment (wisdom) is this situation something that you have control over or is it out of your hands?
(Remember you can only change you)
You can never be responsible for another person's thoughts or feelings.

The alternative

Step two if step one cannot be accomplished

Using discernment (wisdom) decide that you are totally responsible for the thoughts or the emotion. You and only you are the creator of it and that only you can change it by taking a certain action.

Step two involves taking that action.

The serenity prayer says it perfectly:

“God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.”

We know and recognize the past and we do not wish to shut the door on it.
-- statement from AA 12 step program


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March 8, 2016


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