Why journal?

1. Our forgetters are so good, we tend to forget the things that are good for us.
2. Removing the revolving thoughts from our mind and getting them into the open, in black and white, where we can face them.

What should I journal?

1. All repetitive thought, things that cross your mind continually. (What if's)
2. All AH-HA's - all enlightened moments or thoughts.
3. All defining moments in your life, life changers.
4. Difficulties that you face.
5. Log all discoveries that seem to improve your life.
6. Log all questions you would ask a coach or psychiatrist.
7. Log all comments you would want to make to a coach or psychiatrist.
8. Log all health issues, things you would like to change and improve.
9. List all of the things you have done to make changes and improvements.
10. Log all of the medications you are on and the side effects of those medications.

Probably the most important thing that can happen is that you can take the thought, or those voices that are going round and round in your head on that merry go round, put it down on paper, and start an assessment.

Journaling allows you to deal with what's in your imagination. Most "what if's" are of the imagination, with imaginary answers. Part of that imagination are those voices, the committee made up of past associations.

Looking at something in black and white helps in the evaluation and discovering of new insights and answers. If we are honest, it will put into black-and-white the results of our life. It allows us to decide whether we need to take action or whether there's nothing we can do about the situation. Sometimes we need to let things go.

Journaling does not need to take a lot of time. You are not asked to write your life history or story. Just jot down notes to act as reminders; what's good for us and what is not!

One of the major benefits of journaling is to look upon how the mind goes through its thinking process. Recognizing how the subconscious (unconscious mind) can feed the conscious mind. Getting our thoughts down in black-and-white reveals some of the confusion and befuddlement that we experience daily.

The mind can be both a target and a battleground! Recognizing that fact can assist us in dealing with the erroneous information we think.

Not everything we think is the truth and the same can be said for feelings. The more we can analyze our thoughts and feelings, the better we can respond to situations.

Having someone to discuss those thoughts with can be very beneficial.
Together i Can” provides that safe place.

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We can assist you in "Perfecting the art of prevention."
Together (with journaling) i can establish truths going on in my life.
Always "practice simple disciplines rather than slight errors in judgment."
"Time is on your side, depending upon how you choose to spend it."


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December 12, 2016

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